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RUSH: Do you know, folks…? I saw this the other day. I saw a post Erick Erickson at Red State had filed about the rules change controversy at the Republican convention. In his post there was a statistic, or a fact, that I didn’t know. There are more elected Hispanics who are Republicans than there are Democrats. There are more elected Republican Hispanics, including mayors and so forth, than there are Democrats. Which, of course, I didn’t know. But it stands to reason.

More Republican senators, a greater percentage of them, signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than did Democrats, and yet who are the racists? Al Hunt was on Charlie Rose this week sometime, and they were talking about the Republican “Hispanic problem.” Charlie Rose said to Al Hunt, who’s the executive editor at Bloomberg News, “Two of the issues during this convention we have just seen — and I was there with you.

“One is the number of Hispanics who came to speak. Elected officials in the Republican Party. Whether it’s the Governor of New Mexico, whether it’s looking like the Senate candidate in Texas who may very well win, attractive people who are Hispanics who are holding office who are Republicans,” Al, I mean, Al, all these Hispanics who are Republicans! What do you make of that?

HUNT: It’s really interesting. There are a lot of those, the governor of Nevada also. Uh, and the Republican Party, particularly in 2010, did a very good job of electing more Hispanics than they had before. That doesn’t detract, however, from what I think is their, uh, Latino problem in this election.

RUSH: Yeah, “really interesting,” Al Hunt! “There are a lot of those” elected Hispanic Republicans. “There are a lot of those”? Like what? Insects? Yeah, there’s a lot of “those.” Al Hunt to Charlie Rose: “Yeah, you know, Charlie, that’s right! It’s interesting. There are a lot of those. The governor of Nevada. But I don’t think all those elected Hispanics changes their Latino problem at all.” Now, why would that be?

Well, because people like Al Hunt and Charlie Rose are gonna make sure that as far as anybody knows, Hispanics hate Republicans and wouldn’t dare become one! Yet there are more elected Hispanic Republicans than there are Democrats. (summarized) “Yeah, there are a lot of those. That doesn’t change anything, Charlie! Don’t worry about it. We got it handled.”

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