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RUSH: This Yahoo guy that got canned, David Chalian? I’ve been thinking about this. What actually happened here? Okay, this guy who teaches at Georgetown and has work at ABC and worked at PBS. Gwen Ifill of PBS put out this tweet: “One mistake doesn’t matter! This is the greatest guy political journalism’s ever had working,” or some such thing. Well, what did he do? He’s yukking it up with his liberal buddies saying what they always say.

“Republicans? Oh, yeah! They have no problems throwing a party when black people are drowning.” So this one happened to be caught by an open mic, and we mention it, and Yahoo wastes no time and they fire the guy. And I was thinking. I was thinking two things. “Well, if you’re gonna fire this guy for saying this on an open mic, they say this as part of their news reporting all the time. This guy didn’t say anything unique.”

How many of the rest of these liberal media types say that, in effect, in their news stories at the AP, the Washington Post, the New York Times, or on MSNBC? This guy didn’t say anything that they don’t say in their news reports. This guy said it outside of a news report. Well, microphone was hot; it was a live feed. But they’re acting like, “Oh, we can’t tolerate this!” This is standard operating procedure. What this guy said is the foundation for all of their reporting.

“Republicans don’t care about black people. Republicans are laughing and applauding when black people die!” That’s every day. That’s every news story. So I think this guy ought to sue ’em. I think this guy ought to sue Yahoo for wrongful termination. He only said what they all say among themselves, and they all think it. I mean, everybody who heard the guy say what he said laughed about it. So he gets caught on a live mic. Do you realize that if this guy had written something like that in a news story or attributed it…?

The way they do it is they go out and they find somebody to say it that is quotable, a man on the street, “Oh, yeah! Republicans don’t care about black people drowning. They’ll be happy to throw a party.” That’s how they do it, but they do it. They get it in there. I mean, they don’t speak it themselves or write it themselves, but they make up man-on-the-street sources that they can quote in these stories. I think this guy’s got a wrongful termination suit, ’cause this is what they all think and say. It’s in their news reports front to back, top to bottom, each and every day.

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