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RUSH: I have enforced on this program a ban of any audio sound bites from MSNBC. And as time goes on, that decision is justified more and more. I mean, it really is becoming a sick and depraved place. Now, I am not going to play any sound bites from this place, but I am gonna tell you about them. The singular focus of MSNBC for the past six days has been racism. There’s one subject that they’re talking about: racism. The racism of Romney; the racism of Ryan; the racism of every speaker at the convention; the racism of the Republican Party; the racism of every Republican and conservative. It’s all they’re talking about. It’s laughably hilarious, except to them.

They are totally invested in it, and it reached a point yesterday of total absurdity. Lawrence O’Donnell decided that he heard blatant racism in Mitch McConnell’s speech to the convention. Mitch McConnell made a reference to all the golf that Obama plays and said, making a lighthearted joke, something about the fact that he’d be better suited to be trying out for the PGA Tour. To that, Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC, who was one of the writers of The West Wing, and, up until he started working at MSNBC, actually had a good reputation on the left… It’s like Chris Matthews once used to be a revered figure, a respected political analyst. Now these people have lost it. I mean, they’re worse than in the tank. Their minds have been corrupted. They have actually become perverted. It’s as though there’s a poison eating away brain cells. They’re becoming hysterical, nonsensical.

Lawrence O’Donnell accused Mitch McConnell of attempting to portray Barack Obama as an oversexed black man by kidding him about playing golf. Tiger Woods. You have to think Tiger Woods. You have to believe, in order for this to work, when McConnell starts joking about Obama and golf, you have to think, “A-ha, so, they’re trying to say Obama is just like Tiger, eh? Black guy, plays golf. Who’s that? Tiger Woods. What’s he? Well, we all know Tiger’s story. Ergo, McConnell is trying to characterize Obama as this Tiger Woods type figure.” It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s embarrassing.

Here’s what O’Donnell said, “Well, we know exactly what heÂ’s trying to do there. He is trying to align to Tiger Woods and, surely, the — lifestyle of Tiger Woods with Barack Obama. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. They find every way they possibly can to…”

And then MSNBC host Martin Bashir from the UK said, “You think that’s what he’s really trying to do?” Bashir, normally this guy’s as off the deep end as all the rest of them, but even this was a little bit much for Bashir. “DonÂ’t you think that what heÂ’s really trying to do is to suggest that the president is not paying attention to the central issues that come with the responsibility he has? Is he really — Mitch McConnell really making a connection with Tiger Woods who, of course, has become infamous for chasing various cocktail waitresses around Las Vegas and so on?”

And O’Donnell said, “Martin, there are many, many, many rhetorical choices you can make at any point in any speech to make whatever point up want to make. If he wanted to make the point that you just suggested and I think he does want to make that point, they had a menu of a minimum of ten different kinds of images that they could have raised. And I promise you, the speech writers went through, rejecting three or four before they land order that one. ThatÂ’s the one they want for a very deliberate reason. These people reach for every single possible racial double entendre they can find in every one of these speeches.” (interruption) That’s what I’m trying to say. Mentally ill. These people are being consumed or subsumed with the poison of hatred that they have.

And just as the Democrats have no possible way to run on Obama’s record, and thus nothing positive to say about Obama’s presidency or his governance, they have now descended into the only thing they’ve got, which is criticism, mischaracterization, impugning of their opponents. MSNBC has decided that no matter what, it’s racist. And they’re going to find a link between whatever any speaker says, to racism. They are a political operation. MSNBC is not a news network. They’re not a cable network. They are a political network. They have an agenda. Their agenda is the reelection of Barack Obama, and they are nothing more than a super PAC. They’re nothing more than an arm of the campaign. Their charge they’ve been given is to run around on TV and to say that everything every Republican is saying is racist. Because they don’t have anything else. It really demonstrates the depths to which they have descended.

Do you realize even using the word “Chicago” is said to be racist?


You got me! You got me! I haven’t slightest idea, other than that Obama is from there.


Yeah. Because Obama’s from Chicago, and Obama’s black. If you talk about Chicago, as in “the Chicago way” —




Snerdley, there are no limits to what they can say. They’re not using any kind of logic here. There’s no straight line that gets you from Point A to Point B in any of this. It’s all nonsensical. None of it makes any sense.


Yeah, this Toure guy. What did he do? Yeah, he accused Romney, tried to —


Oh. Oh, right. Yeah, that’s right. This Toure guy, who hosts their three o’clock show, said that Romney was trying to “niggerize” Obama. And nobody understood that, and even at the time that was so overboard that they appealed to Toure’s better angels (ahem) and asked him to apologize, which he did, while saying it again.


No, he didn’t get fired for that. He’s black. He can say it. Toure’s black. He can say “niggerization.” I can say it quoting Toure. But, yeah, “Chicago” is racist. Matthews said, “They keep saying ‘Chicago,’ by the way. Have you noticed they keep saying ‘Chicago’? That’s another thing that sends that message: This guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhood, screwing us in the suburbs.” We can’t say “Hussein,” can’t say “birth certificate,” can’t say “Barack,” can’t say “Obama,” can’t say “Chicago,” can’t say “PGA,” can’t say “golf.”

It’s all racist.

Not even I thought it would get that bad. I mean, I knew that with the election of Obama, every bit of criticism of him would be said to be racist. I never thought it’d get this insane, which is what it is. It really is pathetic, and it’s why I’ve banned these people. This stuff is Car Crash City. This creates rubbernecks. You know, people would tune to watch this just to see what the next absurdity is. You know what we call people obsessed with race?


Really what we have here is blatant bigotry and racism on this network of holier-than-thou liberals.


Yes, I’ve read Ron Fournier’s piece. I’ve got Ron Fournier’s piece. Ron Fournier, former AP bureau chief or head honcho, is now at the National Journal (which is just the print version of MSNBC). And it’s the same thing. Racism here, racism there. You have to ask yourself: “Who believes this? Who buys this stuff?” Now, their audience obviously does. But “Tingles” talking about “Chicago” being racist? I just wanted to pass it on, but I’m not playing sound bites from this place anymore. I banned them moons ago.

A little Indian lingo there. I banned ’em moons ago because they’ve gotten so insane, they’re beyond my ability to describe them.


Hmm? Saying “Hawaii” is racist? Saying “Hawaii” is racist because that’s where Obama vacations or that’s why he’s from?


It’s where he was born?


Yeah. You can’t say “born” ’cause that’s birth certificate, and that’s racist. But they really think they’re going to shut people up. What they’re really trying to do here is get Republicans to be silent in their criticism of Obama. They think that McConnell or whoever else they go after, all the Republicans, will simply be afraid to criticize Obama because they think we’ll be afraid of these real lunatics now on MSNBC.

That’s what they’re banking on, that the Republicans will not want to even go anywhere near being criticized by these stellar, upstanding media figures at MSNBC. That’s what they’re trying to do is stifle any criticism of Obama, because that’s all they’ve got. It really is pathetic, though. And to think there’s a management that permits it: NBC! There’s a management. Comcast owns it. There’s a management that permits this and is not embarrassed by it. … I don’t know.


RUSH: If I didn’t know better, I would say that Chris Matthews is having a nervous breakdown — and I don’t know better, actually. Seriously. He could very well be having a nervous breakdown. We’re watching it. Everybody’s watching it happen in public. Well, “everybody” isn’t. Very few people are, actually, which could also be part of the problem. And he’s out there saying that his bosses agree with him. Now, his primary boss is, a guy named Phil Griffin, actually runs PMSNBC. But it’s owned by Comcast.

Now, I’m told the Comcast CEO is a huge Obamaite.

I didn’t know that, but I guess it all makes sense.

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