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RUSH: Last night on The Tonight Show, Dennis Miller appeared with Jay Leno. Now, you gotta understand when you listen to this that Jay Leno’s wife is a feminazi, and I can say this with great affection for Leno. Leno’s been very nice to me every time I’ve done his show. But the first time I was ever on The Tonight Show, somehow the discussion totally got off on feminism and so forth. I later found out his wife Mavis is a big feminist, and she runs the house. There’s no question about it. She calls the shots. That’s what you have to know listening to this sound bite of Dennis Miller on The Tonight Show last night.

LENO: I think he has compassion for regular people. I think that’s what… I think, if Republican Party is missing anything, it’s this sort of War on Women, and — and —

MILLER: War on Women?

LENO: Yeah.

MILLER: With Sandra Fluke? She’s 30, for God’s sake! She’s still in school. She wants me to kick in ten bucks a month for her birth control?

LENO: No, I — I —

MILLER: Here, I’ll give you ten. Just shut up for a second, okay?

AUDIENCE: (roaring applause and laughter)

MILLER: This woman!

LENO: No, you pick one —

MILLER: Jay, the War on Women? For God’s sakes.

LENO: No. No. I — I — I think it is.


LENO: I think it — I —

MILLER: The chick’s like Moan of Arc.

LENO: No. You know something?

MILLER: Come on!

AUDIENCE: (roaring laughter)

RUSH: “The chick’s like Moan of Arc.” You know what? It reminds me: The Democrat convention is next week. Do you notice nobody is talking about that? What is that convention gonna be like? That convention is gonna be The Munsters, The Addams Family, and True Blood. That convention is going to be a morgue. That convention is gonna be noted for the people who don’t show up at it.

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