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RUSH: Okay. Gallup has just released their latest Trial Run Poll with registered voters. Presidential election: Romney 47, Obama 45. I’ve got this new app I picked up on the iPhone over the weekend. It’s a poll tracker. Every poll in the world, I got a notification alert. And this Gallup poll has been consistent for two or three days. And, folks, you know me: I don’t rely on polling at all. I think polling is used to shape opinion rather than reflect it. I think polling is used to make news, and particularly as you get closer to the election they become more relevant.

A poll in March or April is worthless, ’cause the election’s not in March or April. Too much is yet to happen. But you can, if you want to study them, detect trends. And in swing states, Romney and Ryan are gaining ground. In some places, it’s small, but it’s perceptible. I just get the sense there’s something happening out there. And I, frankly, have been of the opinion that…

And I’ve been very careful saying this, but you’ve heard me say it. If the election were held today, I think we’re looking at a landslide. I thought that a week ago. I think this is big. I don’t want to say this too often because political situations are too volatile, as the Akin thing illustrates. But they are not looking happy. Obama isn’t looking happy. Nobody on the Democrat side’s looking happy. These people are at war with each other, and they’re getting — if it’s even possible — more maniacal in their TV appearances.

They’re saying some of the craziest, wackiest things. The Akin thing’s unfortunate, but I’m gonna tell you. I think the Democrats are… I don’t want to say this too loud either because I don’t want to affect what their inclinations are. But I think they’re set to implode over this. You know, they have these hot button, boilerplate issues that cause them to go to page two of their playbook that’s 30 years old, and they put plans into motion that just are not relevant.

They live in a bubble.

They lie to themselves about their own popularity. They fall for it because the media creates a false impression of just how many people do support Democrats and liberals in this country. I just have a sneaking suspicion. Like, for example, nobody is showing up at Obama appearances so they say, “Oh, yeah, we’re doing that on purpose! Right, we are limiting the audience size so the president can have a more intimate event with the attendees. And we’re also limiting the amount of money we raise at any one time.”

That’s such a crock!

There isn’t the enthusiasm for Obama that there was, nowhere near it.

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