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RUSH: Really? I don’t have ’em on in here. CNN just ran my picture with Ryan and Romney over — (laughing) Okay, Snerdley just told me that CNN just ran a graphic, a picture of me and Ryan and Romney. The graphic said: “Republicans who want Akin to go.” (laughing) Okay, fine and dandy. Like I told you, if I had told Akin to go yesterday, he’d be gone. I didn’t do it.


RUSH: Hey, CNN, I have a better idea for you. Instead of running a picture of me and a picture of Ryan and Romney with the graphic, “Republicans who want Akin to go,” it should say, “Republicans who want Obama to go.” Because that’s what we’re all focused on, CNN. That’s exactly right. Put me and Romney and Ryan up there, and it says, “Republicans who want Obama to go.”

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