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RUSH: Have you heard about the e-book? There’s this new e-book out that says the Obama campaign is roiled by conflict, that there’s a bunch of people in this campaign that nobody likes, and they don’t like each other, and they’re not unified. They’re having all kinds of problems inside the Obama campaign. The long knives are out from one person to the next.

By Glenn Thrush. “President Barack ObamaÂ’s campaign team, celebrated four years ago for its exceptional cohesion and eyes-on-the-prize strategic focus, has been shadowed this time by a succession of political disagreements and personal rivalries that haunted the effort at the outset. Second-guessing about personnel, strategy and tactics has been a dominant theme of the reelection effort, according to numerous current and former Obama advisers who were interviewed for ‘Obama’s Last Stand,’ an e-book out Monday published in a collaboration between Politico and Random House.

“The discord, these sources said, has on occasion flowed from Obama himself, who at repeated turns has made vocal his dissatisfaction with decisions made by his campaign team, with its messaging, with Vice President Joe Biden and with what Obama feared was clumsy coordination between his West Wing and reelection headquarters in Chicago. The effort in Chicago, meanwhile, has been bedeviled by some of the drama Obama so deftly dodged in 2008 — including, at a critical point earlier this year, a spat that left senior operatives David Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter barely on speaking terms — and growing doubts about the effectiveness of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie [“Blabbermouth”] Schultz.”

Okay, well, make of what you will. But there’s an interesting lift from this. It’s an interesting paragraph here. Listen to this: “The two things Obama fears most…” This is from this e-book that’s out yesterday. “The two things Obama fears most about a Romney victory: A 7-to-2 conservative Supreme Court within a few years. And the equally unbearable possibility, in his mind, that Romney will get to take a victory lap on an economic rebound Obama sees as just around the corner.

“‘I’m not going to let him win … so that he can take credit when the economy turns around,’ Obama said, according to an aide.” Now, folks, how stupid do they think we are? There isn’t going to be an economic turnaround with Barack Obama in charge of things! What economic turnaround? There isn’t going to be one! Oh, there might be minuscule improvements in one area of the economy or maybe a couple, but there’s not gonna be “an economic turnaround” like there was in the eighties, with 400,000 and 500,000 new jobs a month being created.

It isn’t possible with what Obama’s policies are that are yet to be implemented if he wins a second term. Obamacare alone is going to make an economic recovery of that kind impossible. The book also makes it plain… You know, I have had this story off to the side here for two or three weeks now. There’s a sound bite that I keep telling Cookie, “Hold this.” I’ve told her three or four times to give it to me, and I haven’t gotten to it. It’s a story that Obama really personally dislikes Romney, and why.

This isn’t simply political opposition. There is a personal, visceral dislike for Romney. There’s a contempt for Romney that’s held by Obama and Michelle Obama. And I know why. Romney personifies everything wrong with this country, in Obama’s view. Romney, in one human being, personifies everything wrong about this country. And that’s why Obama hates him. He doesn’t have a bad point. He’s as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink. He’s successful. He’s wealthy.

Romney is the classic illustration of somebody who got what he has who “doesn’t deserve it.” Romney is the classic illustration of a power elite that’s been running this country from the days that it was founded. Romney personifies that. Romney is everything Obama dislikes about this country. But this book… If Obama really thinks that he is leading this country out of a recession, that’s scarier than anything Akin could ever say. And I mean that from bottom my heart. If this quote is true, that Obama is worried that the eventual economic recovery…?

What does he think, it just happens on its own? It’s just something cyclical? He probably does. He looks at the private sector as this never ending golden goose. It’s got all this money he can go get from it whenever he wants it and transfer it to someplace else. He has no clue how it’s created. We know that. (impression) “You didn’t build that. You didn’t do that on your own. It was the roads and bridges that make your business successful. The government did that!”

The man is clueless. You want to talk about stupid, ignorant, whatever word you want to use? He just thinks it’s gonna rebound on its own given enough time, or that his policies are gonna make this economic rebound? And then if Romney wins, Romney’s gonna get credit for it? If there is an economic rebound, and Romney is president, it’s gonna be because Romney gets rid of the — dare I say it? — chains and shackles that Obama has put on this economy.


RUSH: I am still chuckling here over this e-book that the Politico has put out with Random House and that passage.

It said that one of the two things really irritating Obama is his concern that Romney’s gonna get credit for the eventual economic recovery if Romney wins. There isn’t going to be an economic recovery if Obama wins! The only way there’s gonna be a recovery as if Obama loses, and Romney wipes out a bunch of economic policies that are currently in place, and if we repeal Obamacare. Otherwise there isn’t gonna be a recovery, as we’ve known them in the past. It’s laughable.

For Obama to actually sit there and say… We’re talking about stupidity, which seems to be the theme of the day? Well, I’m gonna tell you, folks: It is blatantly stupid if the president of the United States thinks that by just sitting there and doing nothing after what he’s already done, there’s gonna be some magical economic recovery, and it’s gonna happen next year or the year after that. If he realize believes that…

And I bet he does, ’cause I don’t think he has the slightest idea of how economic activity actually takes place — or private sector activity, growth, all of that takes place. I don’t think he understands it. I know he hates it, I know he despises it, but I don’t think he knows how it happens. I think he thinks it’s an accident. And somehow people that don’t deserve to do well end up doing well, and that’s what has to change.

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