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RUSH: Last night on Hannity, Ann Coulter showed up and she was asked about the return of Sandra Fluke. You know, Fluke went out there and introduced Obama in Denver. Obama said Romney is threatening women. He’s going to take you back to the 1950s. What does that mean, by the way, for women: Going back to the 1950s?


Is that what it means? “You have to clean your house”?


“No birth control pills, clean the house, wash the dishes, barefoot and pregnant”? That’s what that means?


“Gotta cook for your husband and shut up and like it”? That’s what’s going back to the ’50s is? So Obama’s saying that’s what Romney wants to do. And when you finish all that, you’ve got to take care of the horses. Okay. So Hannity said to Ann Coulter, “Will the return of Sandra Fluke really score points with the voters for Obama?”

COULTER: He is trying to get the stupid single women voters, which is the Democratic Party base. If Obamacare goes through and Obama is reelected, you’re talking about the total destruction of wealth in America. It’s the end of America as we know it. There will be no innovation. There will be no growth. Great, you’ll get free contraception. You won’t have to pay a $10 co-pay. But it will be the end of America! Think about that. Their base is not women. It is divorced, separated, single women. It’s women who are looking at the government to be their husbands. That’s the base of the Democrat Party. “Please pay for my child care, my contraception, my housing, my food.” It’s women who don’t have a man to provide for them so they turn to the government. That’s the Democrat Party’s base. Congratulations!

RUSH: Can you imagine what would happen if I would say that? Ha! I can’t say it. (interruption) Well, she’s already said it. I can’t say it. I mean, I could say it but it’s not going to be the same thing as if I had originally said it. (interruption) Well, no, it still wouldn’t work, because even the lug-head Drive-Bys would simply know that I’m reporting what somebody else said. But imagine if Ann Coulter had not said it and I came out and said: “You know what?

“Let me tell you something about the Democrat Party base. Let me tell you who it really is. It’s divorced, separated, single women. It’s women who are looking for government to be their husbands because for whatever reason they can’t find a man to provide for them. (gasp!) That’s the base of the Democrat Party.” If I or any man — not just me, if any guy — had said that? See Coulter can get away with it because she’s a woman saying it. Coulter has also said that she thinks the problems with our welfare state, the entitlement state, started the minute women got the vote.

Because women look to government to be their husbands. That’s what the soccer mom thing was all about, by the way. You remember the soccer mom phenomenon? We even said back then that the whole illusion of the soccer mom thing was that Bill Clinton loved these women more than their own worthless husbands. Then the soccer moms, that morphed into something else. But anyway, when I heard this, I went: “What would happen if I or any other guy said something like this?” I’m also wondering: How many women in this audience hearing Ann Coulter say that silently agree with her?


RUSH: Here’s Dave in San Mateo, California. Hi, Dave! I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, what a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, the only thing I can thank Obama for is that because of his arrival on the scene, I started listening to you, and I haven’t had a problem with that at all. In fact, you’re the only guy that does this that I can listen to day in and day out.

RUSH: I appreciate that. That’s a dual-edged sword, though. It’s a dual-edged sword.

CALLER: I know. (chuckles) I know. It’s a burden you have to bear.

RUSH: Because if somebody said, “Would you rather have Dave listening or no Obama?” I don’t know. (chuckling)

CALLER: No choice. I’ll tell you, you and Ann Coulter last night have been pretty kind about this Democrat-woman base description. And I just want to share something that I’ve observed. It seems like there’s a huge difference in appearance between the conservative women that I see on TV and the liberal women. So I’d like to add a word to that description that goes along with “unmarried, divorced, single.” You can add “ugly” to that, too.

RUSH: Really? Is that your observation?

CALLER: Yeah, for the most part. I mean, look at Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. Look at Hillary Clinton. Um, there’s a whole list of them.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Well, I am reminded of my own Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24, which is: “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

CALLER: I knew you would understand.

RUSH: Yeah. (chuckling) It was that Undeniable Truth, I think (there were a couple of others) which established me undeniably as a great thinker, and contributor of great thoughts in our culture. It’s not so much… Go back to what Coulter said. She says here, “The base of the Democrat Party is single, divorced, separated women who are looking at the government to be their husbands.” What I’ve always said is that the Democrat Party, via the entitlement culture, set out to become the husband.

Particularly in minority communities.

I firmly believe that the Democrat Party used the federal government and the welfare system to bust up the family. Once the government became the provider for families, there was no need for the father/husband to hang around. And the father/husband, in many cases, didn’t. That’s why I’ve had African-Americans tell me that government is responsible for the family bust-up in the black community. And I think the Democrat Party has willingly done that.

In fact, it’s a chicken-or-egg question: Which came first, the women that wanted the government to be their husbands or the government deciding to be? I’ve always thought that one of the express purposes of the Democrat Party in the modern era (and certainly the American left) was to bring about that end. They want as much dependency as possible however they can make it happen, and they’ve done it. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Dave. Thanks much.


RUSH: Acton, Massachusetts. This is Teresa. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi! I definitely think you’re on to something with regards to Ann Coulter. I don’t think you could have said it originally, but now that she said it, I think you see it even in the media. Like, for example, the father figure or strong male figures on TV shows aren’t there. Like even as far back as The Cosby Show, they make a lot of the fathers look like they’re idiots, like they’re dumb and they’re stupid. And I see it in the culture everywhere.

RUSH: Did they make Cosby look like an idiot on his show?

CALLER: Well, not an idiot. Not so much him. But, like, he would sneak chocolate cake to the kids, and I thought at times they made him look like he wasn’t a good father. Like the Roseanne Barr show, the father there.

RUSH: I know what you mean. He’s not the sensible one. The father is not the sensible one.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s not like the whole idea that the father knows best or is wise.

RUSH: Oh, that’s a great way to put it!

CALLER: Like, that’s foreign. They’re trying to mock that.

RUSH: Can you imagine if some network announced they were going to revive Father Knows Best? Let’s say, “Premiering this fall on ABC: Father Knows Best!” Do you know what would happen to Bob Iger at ABC? They would descend on him. His wife would divorce him. It would be the end of him. That’s a great way to illustrate it, Teresa: Father Knows Best. It would never happen.

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