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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I know the Democrats. I know how they operate, and I know full well what they’re doing with this, and I could ignore it, or I could talk about it and have a little fun with it. Let’s talk about it and have a little fun with it. Out in Colorado today in Denver — by the way, when you say Denver, all anybody thinks about anymore is Peyton Manning and the Broncos. But Obama’s out there today. He’s at a fundraiser, and guess who is introducing him? Well-known contraception expert Sandra Fluke is introducing Barack Obama.

So is it coincidental, ladies and gentlemen, that my name would pop up in the Drive-By Media last night and today? Not in connection to that, just is it ironic or is it coincidental? Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Last night, Wolf Blitzer’s show, The Situation Room on CNN, Wolf Blitzer was speaking with Democrat strategerist Donna Brazile about the list of speakers at the Republican convention. In fact, I was in the library — “liberry,” for those of you in Rio Linda — I was in the library last night doing a bunch of things. I always multitask, and I had the television on but with the sound down. I very seldom watch TV with the sound up because it’s irritating, just irritating, unless I’m actually watching a show. But in the background, if the TV’s on and I’m not watching it, I mute it, ’cause all sound is irritating to me. It’s just a factor or characteristic of a cochlear implant. All sound is noise.

But something made me look up. And Greta, who has, by the way, just extended another invitation to officially appear. You know, I appear on that program every night, but she has asked me to officially appear again. She’ll go wherever I want to go to do an interview, so I’m thinking of saying Hawaii. At any rate, I look up, something made me look up and she’s got breaking news, exciting, breaking news, exclusive, nowhere else but on Greta Van Susteren. “Oh, what’s this?” You seldom see breaking, exciting news at ten o’clock at night. And then the next guy that came up was the Republican National Committee head honcho whose name I still don’t know how to pronounce. Do you know how to pronounce his name? Reince Priebus. (interruption) No, no, no, I’m not trying to show disrespect, I just don’t know. Again, it’s a factor of not having heard the name pronounced because I don’t have the sound up. Look, I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, but breaking news, exclusive, then you see the RNC guy, “Oh, oh, what could it possibly be?”

It was a list of late announced speakers at the Republican convention. No, no, I wasn’t on it. I didn’t expect to be on it. I was kind of surprised that was that the big exclusive breaking news that is worth stopping everything you’re doing to learn. Scott Walker was one. I forget who else. Anyway, then I get in here today, and Cookie sends me the sound bite roster, and here it is. It’s Donna Brazile, last night Wolf Blitzer on CNN. The question, “Should Sarah Palin speak at the convention?” She was not announced. “Should Sarah Palin speak? Will that help or hurt Mitt Romney with the election?”

BRAZILE: She should be given a primetime slot at the convention. After all, she rallies the base like no one else. She may alienate independents and others, but she is part of the Republican fabric. And, you know, it raises the other question. What about Donald Trump? What about Rush Limbaugh? What about all the other crowd-pleasers? Think about the last two years and what we’ve been talking about here on TV and with the Republicans. It’s Rush Limbaugh who’s driving the narrative. It’s Donald Trump that, you know, provided so much of the lightning inside the party. So I think Mitt Romney’s missing a golden opportunity to bring all his friends and — and bring ’em to his wonderful convention.

RUSH: Yeah, right, Donna. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Mitt’s missing a great opportunity, bring in all of his friends. Now, you know what they’re doing? See, they think that if Trump and I show up, that it’s gonna turn off every independent. It’s gonna turn off every woman. It’s gonna turn off everybody that doesn’t have hair. That’s what they believe. They live in that world. They really do think they’ve destroyed my career 12 or 15 times, even though I’m still here. They think they’ve done it despite the fact that I’m still here with an audience that may be larger than ever, an audience that may be larger than ever, when you factor in all of the ways how people listen.

For example, we announced our Rush app for the iPad and the iPhone. And for two or three days it was the most downloaded app when we announced it. And I don’t talk about the app much. And, yes, we’re still working on the Android version, but the guy working on it took a powder and flew over to Japan over the weekend, and so the work on the Android version has been suspended. Our guy is over in Japan. He took his daughter over for a vacation. And so work on the Android device, which has only been going on a couple years, has been suspended for a while. (laughing)

Anyway, you just search Rush Limbaugh in the app store, and we’ve got our app right there. So people are listening on that, our podcasts, all kinds of Internet streaming, plus our radio stations. By the way, our audience, when I say may be the largest audience ever, I’m speaking just of radio. ‘Cause that’s what’s measured. The other stuff, they haven’t found official ways to count it. Well, there are ways, but the radio rating people don’t do it. Anyway, so we’re larger than ever but they think they’ve taken me out. See, they think, the Democrats, Donna Brazile, they think that they have destroyed me outside my audience. They believe that, yeah, the bond that I have with all of you is tight, and it’s unbreakable. But they think that in 24 years they have succeeded in impugning me and discrediting me, all these baseless attacks, and they think that I am a negative.

They think the same thing about Trump. And that’s why Donna, “Hey, Mitt, why don’t you get all your friends, Rush Limbaugh, he’s driving the narrative anyway.” Wouldn’t say that, folks. By the way, yesterday — we’re gonna get into this — we had the ad. CNN, a random act of journalism, CNN found out the guy’s wife had health insurance for two years after he got fired from the steel plant. We got the evidence here. We got Wolf Blitzer begging somebody from the Obama team to denounce his own ad. “Come on, for your own credibility, it’s a rotten ad. It’s a bad ad. Mitt didn’t kill anybody.” Nope. They won’t pull it back. But the woman had health insurance for two years.

There’s a story today. It’s in the Huffing and Puffington host. “Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital with Money from Families Tied to Death Squads.” They just never stop. It’s the same old stuff from 30 years. So Bain Capital was seeded with money from Hispanic families, by the way, with ties to right-wing death squads in El Salvador and other Latin-American countries. (interruption) No, no. No, no, no. I’m not talking about the Kennedys. They don’t talk about that aspect of the Kennedys. No, no.

But don’t you find it interesting? Yesterday Romney essentially killed a guy’s wife. And today Bain Capital was seeded with money from death squads. Victor Davis Hanson. I don’t know if he was listening yesterday or not. At National Review Online, he has a little blog post at The Corner basically talking about all the things we were saying. Oh, yeah. Republicans poison your water and poison your air and create the Ebola virus and they want your kids to starve.

Victor has a piece saying it works. The Chicago way, it works. He starts out this way: “If I were Romney, I would not count on the idea of class warfare, the so-called politics of personal destruction, and McCarthyite tactics not working, because they always have for Obama/Axelrod in the past — and seem to be in the last week.” Mr. Hanson is looking at polling data and other things. He thinks all this stuff is working. Well, I made the point yesterday that it appears to.

You know, you and I sit here imbued with overflowing common sense. “How in the world does anybody vote for this bunch? How does anybody? How do they get one vote?” And they do! They get beaucoup votes. This stuff works. There are people who believe this. I guarantee you. Now, I don’t want to talk about what kind of people they are and where they are and who they are, but there are people walking around today who now believe that Romney killed this guy’s wife.

And then you get Dingy Harry running around with his tax story, and of course the Washington Post story is they’re worried about the increasing attacks against Harry Reid! And so Victor Davis Hanson says: Romney, you’re gonna have to do something. You can’t just assume this stuff isn’t gonna work. So what do we do? Do we come back and accuse them of even greater atrocities? Okay, so Obama says Romney killed the guy’s wife; we say Obama killed the whole neighborhood.

That’s the Chicago way.

Democrats started the crack epidemic. Democrats busted up the black family. Democrats created welfare. Democrats are destroying the economy. We say all this, and we’re called extremists! (laughing) We tell the truth, and we’re called extremists. These guys are out there saying things like Carville said about Ken Starr on Larry King. Carville goes on Larry King and says, “Ken Starr’s from Mars! While everybody thinks he’s investigating Clinton, he’s giving five-year-olds cigarettes.”

And Larry King says, “Ken, why would you give cigarettes to five-year-olds?”

“Uh, Larry…”

And then Carville jumps in, “‘Cause he’s a dirty, stinking, rotten Republican! That’s why, Larry! He’s out to destroy our president and give your kids tobac’a!”

Larry King says, “This is a horrible thing to do, Ken. When do you have time to give kids — five-year-old kids — cigarettes?”

And Starr’s head is spinning. He doesn’t know what the hell he stumbled into.

So well-known contraception expert Sandra Fluke is introducing Obama at a fundraiser, and Donna Brazile says, “Hey, come on, Mitt! Get your friends out there to speak at the convention. Have old Rush and the Trumpster come in.” Well, also on CNN last night was Erick Erickson of Red State. He’s there. He’s a commentator. He needs his own security in that building. He’s the only conservative that ever even gets through the door at CNN. So Blitzer turned to Erick Erickson and said this…

BLITZER: You want to tell us if you think Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh should speak primetime at the convention, Erick?

ERICKSON: Oh, I would love for them to speak primetime at the convention. If Donald Trump focused on Barack Obama’s college transcripts the way he did his birth certificate, we’d probably see the White House in full meltdown mode by the next week at their convention.

RUSH: Is that what you’re talking about, Snerdley? Is that the kind of stuff? They accuse us of killing people, and we go back and we just continue to hit Obama’s college transcripts? Just hit ’em? Romney wouldn’t even come out and speak in solidarity on Chick-fil-A Day. He wouldn’t even come out on that day. What did he say? I forget exactly what he said. His campaign’s not about … and then I forget what all followed that. They think Palin’s a negative. That’s why they want Palin there.

They think Palin is a turnoff. They would salivate over that roster. You know what? They might cancel everything. If Palin and Trump and I spoke on the same night at the Republican convention, every one of these networks would broom whatever is going on. Now, on Wednesday night of the Democrat convention is the opener of the National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. Normally they open on Thursday.

But they’re opening on Wednesday this year because Thursday is Obama in front of the Styrofoam pillars with his acceptance speech at what was Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Clinton is speaking Wednesday night. So Clinton is now going up against the NFL opener. If… Now, it can’t happen. If Palin, Trump, and I spoke on Wednesday night — the night Clinton’s speaking — the networks, NBC, would call the NFL and ask them to move the game so they could cover it. Because they would think, “That’s it. Okay, we can shut down.” (laughing)

It’d be like opening it up to visitors from Mars as far as they’re concerned.

They’re wrong, obviously, but that’s what they think.


RUSH: Okay. So Sandra Fluke is gonna introduce Obama tonight. Bill Clinton’s gonna introduce Obama at the convention. Is there a coincidence there? By the way, when you hear the name “Sandra Fluke,” what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Seriously. Snerdley, stop screening for a second. Put ’em on hold. Politely. When I say the name “Sandra Fluke,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?


No, no, no.




Never mind. Never mind.


No. (laughing) The first thing that comes into your mind is my name. (laughing)


Snerdley says, “It’s not the first thing.” The first thing… When you mention her name, my name is what most people think of. I should be getting a finder’s fee. (sigh) Oh, well.


Well, I…


No, I don’t… I don’t know if they give out condoms at Obama’s fundraisers.


Is Michelle gonna be there? Michelle Obama? At the thing in Denver? I don’t know. Why? What’s that have to do with anything?


Ah, no, no, no, no.

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