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RUSH: This is, to me, hilarious. ABC News ran a story yesterday. Six months ago… This is about the Congressional Black Caucasians. You know, Allen West, one of our guys from here, is a member of the Congressional Black Caucasians. They have meetings now and then, and they rotate whose responsibility it is to bring lunch for the assembled group of Congressional Black Caucasians. Six months ago it was Allen West’s turn. Six months ago he brought in Chick-fil-A. Six months ago he brought in Chick-fil-A. The story is about how today they’re mad about it. (laughing) I kid you not!

Alcee Hastings is mad now that he brought in the Chick-fil-A six months ago. (laughing) He didn’t bring it in this week, he didn’t bring it in last week. It was his responsibility six months ago. Yeah, six months. “West provided the now-controversial chicken sandwiches about six months ago, but Hastings’ recollection of the delivery carries fresh potency…” (laughing) The Congressional Black Caucasians got ticked off yesterday when they remembered (laughing) that Allen West brought in Chick-fil-A six months ago. (laughing)

I mean, that’s hilarious. These guys… I guess it takes a while to digest, but getting mad over somebody bringing sandwiches six weeks ago, and then somehow somebody calls ABC? How does anybody know that Alcee Hastings got mad unless somebody calls ABC to tell ’em? And ABC thinks, “You know, this is a story! Allen West brought in Chick-fil-A for the Congressional Black Caucasians six months ago, and yesterday the rest of the Black Caucasians got mad about it.”

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