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RUSH: I’ve got two emotions on this NBC commercial with the monkey doing gymnastics controversy. I kind of love that it’s happened to ’em, but they brought it on themselves. Let me ask you a question. If you see a commercial with a monkey doing gymnastics and you think of an African-American, doesn’t that make you racist? I must tell you, I watched Gabby Douglas. I watched her win the gold medal. I watched Bob Costas end the whole segment by talking about what a wonderful thing it was and, even though it’s not groundbreaking, it’s still nevertheless the first time an African-American’s won a gold medal in gymnastics. He said there’s probably a lot of young African-American girls out there watching this, “Hey, that looks fun. Maybe I can do it, too,” then they ran this commercial.

I must tell you, I saw the commercial and didn’t think a thing of it. The commercial didn’t make me think of a black person. It didn’t make me think of Gabby Douglas. It didn’t make me think of anything. And then hours later, NBC’s apologized for it. It got me to thinking. Wouldn’t it be racist if you’re the one who notices it? The liberals are the ones pointing out that some racism took place, but yet you have to be racist to make the connection.

So you got your average liberal out there watching the Olympics. Gabby Douglas wins the gold. Costas does his, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful.” Then they run the commercial with the monkey and a bunch of people say, “That’s racist. That’s racist.” Don’t you have to be the racist to make that connection? I mean who would connect a monkey in a commercial to an African-American? Only a racist would do that. I watched the commercial and it didn’t even register. In fact, when the controversy arose, I thought, “What is this?” ‘Cause I only vaguely remembered — I remember how the commercial starts. It’s a close-up on a monkey with its mouth open smiling on the rings, hands on the rings. I said, “Okay. How anybody gets from there to Gabby Douglas is beyond me.”

You know, folks, I’ll tell you, if you think that’s bad, you wouldn’t believe what’s going on out there on Twitter. This poor girl is being ripped to shreds by liberals and African-Americans because her hair was styled like the white girls on the team. You know, they try to tell us, folks, that we’re the racists? These people are the epitome of predictable. They’re the ones who see skin color and all this surface stuff. It never struck me. All I figured was you gotta get the hair out of the way if you’re doing these gymnastics things. You don’t want to go bald in there, send the wrong message. You gotta get the hair out of the way. Okay, fine. She had her hair straightened.

Then I read Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports. He says there’s another controversy out there.

Get this one. I’m such a babe in the woods. I mean, I don’t even know half the stuff going on out there. Jason Whitlock’s writing this piece saying one of the controversies in the African-American women community, quote, unquote, is the straightening of the hair. And a lot of black women — Snerdley, hang on. They want to straighten the hair but then after that they don’t want to do any exercise because that leads to sweat, and that screws up the hair job. Ditto, swimming.

So the whole point was, African-American women are eschewing — wait a minute, now — African-American women are eschewing athletics and therefore becoming obese because of their preoccupation with their hair, wanting to straighten it out. I’m reading all this — (interruption) Well, that’s the point. White girls don’t want to sweat, either. They want to glisten, but they don’t want to sweat. But I’m reading all this, and all of it brought to our attention by a bunch of holier-than-thou liberals who claim that they’re the ones who are colorblind. They thrive on this stuff.

I mean, this Gabby Douglas, she’s got a great story. It’s a miniature Blind Side story, in a way, and she triumphs, and all this is in the aftermath? (interruption) Okay, the hair thing goes back fifty years? Fine, I didn’t know. I didn’t know the hair thing went back to last week. I mean, no, no. You didn’t hear me. You’re too busy in there laughing at Dawn’s white girl sweat comment. Look, the controversy is that this is why black women are obese, is because they go so far out to straighten their hair that they won’t exercise, ’cause that leads to sweat, and then of course they won’t swim, can’t get on the Olympic swim team — voila, fat. The whole thing is beyond silly ’cause I look at Michelle Obama. Well, anyway. Here’s NBC apologizing. (paraphrasing) “You know what? We played a commercial of a monkey doing gymnastics right after Gabby. We are terribly sorry.” Aren’t they admitting they’re the ones who are racist?

You know, folks, the liberals are screwing us up something fierce. I’m telling you, I watched the commercial, it was the end of the show. The way we’ve been watching this is zooming past the commercials and the stuff that we don’t want to see. We let it record for two hours and then we start watching. But I wanted to watch Costas wrap it up, feeling I knew what that would be about. It was the end of the show, there was no reason to fast forward it, so it just kept running. I saw the commercial. It didn’t even register until the next day when I read that there’s this controversy out there.

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