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RUSH: Last February, Kathryn and I were in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, and we’re darting around lots of places. We’re on the go, never stopping too long in any one place. We dart into the hotel lobby, we’re making a dash for the elevator, and I hear my name being shouted. Now, normally I ignore it, and I rely on my lack of hearing as an excuse to keep moving. For some reason I stopped, turned around. A gentleman came up to me and started paying me all kinds of compliments and thanking me and telling me how much he enjoyed my show. And I shook his hand, I said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Rush Limbaugh.”

He said, “My name is Jack Butler.”

Jack Butler this weekend is being inaugurated into the pro football Hall of Fame. Jack Butler played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he was in town as a newly inducted member of the Hall of Fame. In fact, I knew it, the name. I said, “I just saw this name, Jack Butler, Jack Butler,” and then it hit me while I’m talking to him. So I started congratulating him on being elected to the pro football Hall of Fame. Nicest guy.

And so here’s the story, it’s in the Pittsburgh Tribune today: “Jack Butler Set to Take Place Among Football Greats,” and here’s his picture. He is a nice guy, stopped me on my way to the elevators. So I wanted to take a moment to congratulate him. That’s a very small fraternity. It’s a very elite fraternity, the NFL itself, and then the Hall of Fame — very, very rarefied air there. Jack Butler, he’s eighty-four. So I wanted to take time to reciprocate the favor.

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