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RUSH: I was gonna talk about the Olympics, but I don’t want MSNBC getting any Twitter account canceled. Did you hear about this? Guy Adams works as a writer for the Independent. It’s a UK newspaper. He lives in LA. And throughout the Olympics he’s gone to Twitter and he has been ripping NBC repeatedly for its coverage. And everybody, it seems, is ripping NBC. NBC’s laughing all the way to the bank because their ratings are through the roof. You can’t miss, with communications what it is today, you cannot miss running into the results that NBC won’t show you until later on in primetime. People who are trying to avoid the results get pop-ups when they go to cooking sites on the Internet. A little pop up will come up and tell them what happened to Phelps, what happened to an American gymnast, the little ChiCom swimmer that everybody thinks is doping now. And now the ChiCom guy has come back, “Oh, yeah, well, we think Phelps was doping and was drugged up four years ago. So take that.”

Anyway, all this stuff is happening, live, real-time, five hours ahead, it’s now 5:15, practically, in the UK. NBC is saving all the stuff for primetime, and yet everybody knows it, and they’re watching, and the ratings have never been higher, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Ratings, all-time highs, with everybody knowing. Now, everybody’s upset with NBC for insulting their intelligence. Come on, they go on TV and try to act like none of us know what happened. They try to act like it’s live, it’s happening now, even though they tell us it isn’t, and a lot of people feel like their intelligence is being insulted, and yet people are watching.

So what do you think NBC is gonna do? Change? They’re getting the best of both worlds. However, all this criticism is all over the place, and this guy, Guy Adams, who writes for the Independent, went to Twitter and ripped NBC for all this, and he specifically criticized NBC’s reliance on tape delay. And now he doesn’t have a Twitter account, because he tweeted the public e-mail address of an NBC executive, and Twitter rules specify that you can’t do that. You can’t tweet private information about people. You can’t put their address up there. You can’t put their e-mail address. You can’t put their phone number. Well, this guy tweeted the publicly listed Web address, e-mail address for the NBC exec.

So somebody, it is theorized, called Twitter from NBC and Guy Adams had his Twitter account just canceled. Now, does the name Spike Lee mean anything to you? Spike Lee tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman. It turned out to be the incorrect address, but he still did it. And his Twitter account wasn’t canceled. But Guy Adams’ Twitter account was. Do you think Spike Lee knows Ice-T? Do you think Spike Lee and Ice-T are buddies? That’s a pretty good bet, right? So if you’re a racist movie director who tweets the incorrect home address of George Zimmerman, an action that results in death threats, you get to keep your Twitter account. If you are a journalist criticizing NBC’s Olympics coverage and you tweet the public e-mail address of an NBC executive, Twitter kills your account.

I wonder if Twitter then calls Obama, or calls the authorities. I wonder if Facebook calls the authorities. I wonder if Google calls the authorities. I wonder if Yahoo calls the authorities, because all these people are in the Obama tank. That’s right. Twitter giveth, Twitter taketh away. I’ll probably lose my Twitter account now. What do you bet, by the end of the program my Twitter account’s gone?

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