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RUSH: San Francisco. Chris, thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you here. Hi.


RUSH: Oh, it’s a female Chris. I’m sorry.

CALLER: That’s okay. I know that you have many people waiting for you, but I just briefly have to say this before I go into what I called for. Sorry. I just came from treatment. I’m dealing with cancer, so I hate Obamacare, number one. Number two, I’m married to an SFPD police officer. Number three, I have a daughter who is in Intel in the Army. And number four, I have a daughter that is half black, and number five, my grandfather — sorry, the chemo is kind of killing me — number five, he was the mayor of Rio Linda for two terms, and ’til the day of their death, they adored you. They listened to you. They idolized you. They loved you. They made me what I am today with your help and Mark Levin.

RUSH: Your grandfather was the mayor of Rio Linda?

CALLER: Yes. I once, years ago, sent you a clip —

RUSH: That is quite an achievement. The mayor of Rio Linda, and admit it? Whoa.

CALLER: I know. We always used to joke, because I still have family out there, but they all still love you, and they agree with every darn thing you say — everything you say.

RUSH: Well, you know, I’m probably the single person most responsible for elevated property values in Rio Linda.

CALLER: I don’t know. It’s still pretty crappy, Rush. (laughing)

RUSH: Well, that’s for you to say. Property values are still up. I mean, there still was a starting point. Did you say that your husband is a member of the San Francisco Police Department?

CALLER: Yes. I’m not trying to brag or anything —

RUSH: I know. I just didn’t know they still had one.

CALLER: Yeah. They do. The sanctuary city and all that crap, I mean —

RUSH: Why do they have cops? Nothing’s illegal out there. Oh, wait, they have cops to track down people opposed to gay marriage, yes, yes. Track down the way people think. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: Or better yet, they have people to cover Obama when he comes in to scrape up all the dirty liberals’ money. You got to remember that.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I forgot. Yeah.

CALLER: But what I was telling Snerdley, who I adore, he’s awesome, is that I find all of this to be BS. Like I stated, I have a daughter that’s half African-American or black, whatever you want to say, and when you go into our family’s house or that side of the family, you see pictures from everybody going back to the pictures that are on tin. That’s how old the pictures are. And they know who was a slave, who wasn’t a slave, when they were freed, the date, the name, everything. I just find this whole thing to be a farce. It’s garbage.

RUSH: It’s bull crap, is what it is.

CALLER: Well, I want to say something else, but, yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: You got 15 seconds. Go.

CALLER: I love you. I love Mark Levin. You guys are —

RUSH: 13.

CALLER: — my heroes, and God bless you always.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, Chris. So, I mean, slave blood, the whole thing is crap, bull crap. She would know.


RUSH: By the way, we ran out of time real quickly with that great caller from San Francisco, Chris, whose grandfather was the amazingly admitted mayor of Rio Linda for two terms. And, Chris, I just wanted to take a moment here to wish you all the best with your treatments. I heard you mention that, just the time was zipping by and we had that break the bottom of the hour that I couldn’t delay. But we love you here and you’re a great call, and I hope you’re able to get back in at some point, but, seriously, good luck with your treatments.

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