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RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break, and people — some of them — don’t believe the story about the subprime thing being repeated. Some questions are, “How can they get away with it? Why are they doing it?” The “why” is what’s interesting, folks. I want you to listen to me here, because this is why they’re doing it. If you’ve noticed — I’m sure you have — there’s a massive run on the Treasury now. This regime is spending like crazy. Obama is violating the Constitution with these executive orders granting amnesty, essentially, to a million “children” of Hispanic parents. There’s the subprime thing.

There’s any number of examples. The potential bailout of the student loan program. There’s a massive run on the Treasury, and I think it’s all an insurance policy in case they lose. It’s just raid the Treasury now for all it has in the future. With health care, put as much claim on as much future federal money as you can. It’s the same thing as getting judges throughout the judicial system. You lose elections? Big deal. You’ve got the courts — and if Congress writes “bad laws,” the judges strike ’em out.

Activist judges just write new laws. So they populate the bureaucracy with career appointees. I shudder to think how big the bureaucracy’s gotten, and how many appointees Obama’s put in there that are gonna stay after he’s gone. You remember when Bush 43 was inaugurated? In another Republican show of good faith, he didn’t get rid of the US attorneys like Clinton did. He didn’t get rid of any of the career appointees and replace them with his own people. He did this as a means of bringing the country together.

You’ll recall we were so ridden with strife over Clinton and Lewinsky, and George W. Bush wanted to be seen as the great unifier. So, yeah, leave the Democrats and the liberals in positions of power in the bureaucracy! We always do this. We’re always out trying to show these people we’re nice. Really, why do we care whether Rahm Emanuel thinks we’re a nice guy? All he’s gonna do is take advantage of us! Why do we care whether mayor of Boston thinks we’re nice people?

What is this?

What is this constantly having to demonstrate that anyway? That’s Inside the Beltwayitis. That’s just years and years and decades of being pummeled by the Democrats and the media: “Racist! Sexist! Bigot! Homophobe!” “No, we’re not! No, we’re not! Here, look.” And we make all these silly concessions. And they laugh at us. And we think we’re making ’em like us. It’s just an utter waste of energy and an utter waste time. So this subprime thing is a raid on the Treasury, and it’s making the banks create a new wave of dependency.

They’re simply ordering the banks to make another bunch of loans to people who can’t pay ’em back. They’re creating a new bunch of dependent people to which the Democrats can point in a few years and say, “We did that for you!” Even if they win this election, folks, they look at government in ways we don’t. They know that they’re not gonna win every election. They know they’re not gonna control the Treasury forever. So they’re trying to put in place as many irreversible policies, spending policies, as they can. It’s the same thing: Spending as much as possible, as soon as possible, on Obamacare to make it harder to repeal.

So that’s why they’re doing it.

All of those reasons, pure and simple.

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