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RUSH: So I’m in the library last night, and I’m doing what I always do. I’m doing show prep. And I get a text message from Kathryn who’s in with the dogs in the kitchen. She says, “Are you in this Batman movie and you didn’t tell me? Is this Batman movie about you?” I said, “What now?” She says, “I can’t go anywhere without reading about you and this Batman movie.” And I finally, in that moment, folks, I finally figured out what’s going on. I outed them. Forget the creator. I don’t care that the creator created the character Bane in the Batman movie back in the ’90s. It doesn’t matter. The Democrats clearly were going to try to link this villain to Mitt Romney. And I outed ’em. They’ve even got a couple Democrats admitting they were gonna, Chris Leheinous and Jon Stewart. And they’re still trying to do it.

You know, independently of the producers and the actors and all the people associated with the movie, they saw it, they were gonna try to make the linkage, and now I’m out there basically accusing them of that, so they’ve got their backs up. They’re acting like I’m some sort of conspiracy creep. But I outed ’em. I have shined the light of truth, as it were.


RUSH: Think about how frail your position must be if you really (and don’t doubt me on this) think that you can score political points by associating a villain in a movie to an American human being running for office. If you really think you can do that, if you think you must do that, where are you? How pathetic is your current situation if that is a campaign strategery, trying to link a movie villain to a candidate? And don’t fall for it. They were going to do it. They’re still gonna do it. Letterman is already doing it.

Jon Stewart’s gonna do it. Chris Lehane is doing it. They’re already trying to do it. The problem is I outed ’em, and because I outed something they were really going to do, they’re now doing what they always and predictably do: They’re trying to make me look like an idiot. A tinfoil-hat conspiracy kook. When all I am is Rush Revere warning you in advance, “The Liberals Are Coming!” I see them hit the trail before you do. And what you’re gonna have to do is, if you don’t admit it yet, you’re gonna have to start admitting it.

I’m always right about it.

Four years ago I said, “I hope he fails.” I didn’t want any of this. I knew we had a guy who didn’t like this country. I knew we had a guy that had a chip on his shoulder about this country. I knew we had a guy who didn’t respect the American capitalist system. I knew it! (New Castrati impression) “How did you know it, Mr. Limbaugh? How can you know it when nobody else did?” Everybody could have known it! All you have to do is understand liberalism. You don’t even need a high school diploma to understand this. It’s that easy!


RUSH: I’m not hearing much about Bain. And now they’re fit to be tied because I said that they were gonna try to link the Batman villain “Bane” to Mitt Romney “Bain.” They’re fit to be tied. Do you believe it’s two days they’ve spent on that? Kathryn asked me last night, “Are you in this movie and you didn’t tell me?” Is this movie…? By the way, for you movie producers, look at this! I’m not even in a movie, and look at how much publicity you’re getting about it. Imagine what would happen if you put me in a movie!

This Batman flick, I’m sure it was eagerly anticipated and it was gonna have a big audience. But it’s being talked about in places it wasn’t gonna be talked about. It’s now got controversy attached to it. And the bottom line is that when people watch this, when they go see it… Remember we talked about the first Dark Knight movie? Andrew Klavan wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal (I quoted from it extensively) in which he made the point that the Batman…

Well, the Dark Knight movie, the one with Heath Ledger as the Joker. That movie, without being braggadociosly up front about it, was all about the triumph of conservative values. Evil gets beat, good guys win, and people doing the right thing triumph. And Klavan made that point. And I spent a lot of time talking about that. And this movie is the same way. If you want to make a political connection, if Romney’s anybody in this movie, he’s Bruce Wayne. He’s the rich guy.

Bruce Wayne has put the costume away. In the movie he’s gone away. He’s tired of being Batman. He’s down on his luck. He’s a little depressed. He’s still got the butler around, but he’s not too happy. And then some new villain comes out; claims he’s going to take over Gotham and gonna destroy everybody. Batman puts the uniform back on, goes into high gear and saves the day. And he’s the rich Bruce Wayne. He’s the rich guy, milquetoast, boring, dull.

The same way they characterize Romney, that’s the good guy in the movie. The attempt to make Romney into the villain isn’t gonna work. It’s the exact opposite. In fact, the producer — or the creator, Chuck Dixon — says that the villain in this movie is almost… I forget his exact words, but he links the villain in this movie to Occupy Wall Street. And yet the Democrats are out there trying to say Bane is Bain. I think this exposes the frailty of their position. They’re trying (and I outed ’em) to link this villain to Bain Capital, and they’ve given up on “Romney is a felon.” They moved on from that.

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