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RUSH: Pittsburgh and Elizabeth, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega Steeler dittos from a Rush Baby.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I was calling about the Batman movie, actually.


CALLER: I’ve been excited and following it for a long time since it filmed last summer downtown where I work, and I just wanted to comment real quick. Because it seemed that before anyone had seen it, the Democrats grabbed onto the Bane idea, probably thinking it would be a major blow to Romney to connect him to a villain in a big blockbuster. But now people have seen it, and I’ve read a lot of their reviews. Without spoiling anything, it’s pretty obvious that Bane leads an Occupy Wall Street-like uprising that blows up the stock market and throws the rich out of their homes, and then he even sets up trials and executes the rich for crimes against humanity.

RUSH: Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: But she’s right. She’s right. The villain in the movie… I wasn’t gonna say this, but it’s out there. The villain in the movie picks up where Obama left off in Roanoke.


RUSH: The villain in the movie takes the 1% and puts them on trial and wants to put them in prison and all that.

CALLER: This morning it’s like all of a sudden some op-eds are starting to pop up from Occupy people saying that the movie is fiction and Occupy Wall Street is nonviolent and nothing like this would ever happen. But, you know, it’s pretty obvious.

RUSH: Well, see what happened is the movie premiered in Pittsburgh. What, was it last night or the night before? When was it?

CALLER: I think it was last night.

RUSH: It was last night because a bunch of Steelers are in the movie. One of the co-owners of the Steelers, Thomas Tull, is a producer of the movie. And so they filmed a lot of it in Pittsburgh, and one of the scenes has the evil villain literally vaporizing Heinz Field during the game. In the trailer you might have seen the players running off the field while the field is literally being eaten alive behind ’em. They filmed that last summer at Heinz Field. Hines Ward was in it and Ben Roethlisberger. Cowher, Bill Cowher, was brought back to be the coach of the Gotham Whatevers.


RUSH: Yeah, it premiered last night. So people in Pittsburgh have seen it and said, “Whoa, what? Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. There’s nothing about Romney in this thing at all.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right. See, we blew their cover here, Elizabeth. We blew their case. The reason why they’re mentioning me and trying to tie me to a conspiracy is they were gonna try to take the name of the villain and attach it to Romney. Jon Stewart has let the cat out of the bag. Letterman did, too. Chris Lehane, who was campaign strategerist for Algore, said they were going to do this. And you’re right: Now people have seen the movie and said, “Ooh, this is gonna be a tough sell.”

CALLER: Yeah. My hope is that the people my age — you know, the millions and millions of younger people who are gonna run to this movie this weekend — are gonna get a real eye-opener as to where revolutions like this always lead. I mean, all you have to do is look at history and see.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s always violent.

RUSH: It’s a good point. I wasn’t gonna say anything. (sigh) I’m glad you called. (laughing) Let me just put it that way, Elizabeth. I’m glad you called. Chuck Dixon, the comic book creator, was on KFYI in Phoenix. He’s not a pantywaist liberal. He made that point. The movie shows this. Dixon even said yesterday that Bane is far more akin to an Occupy Wall Street type if you’re looking to cast him politically, and that’s what Elizabeth here just pointed out, folks.


RUSH: I don’t know how many of you are familiar — probably more than I think — with the website Rotten Tomatoes. Do you go to the website Rotten Tomatoes, Snerdley? Well, the only reason I know about it… I’m not acting like you shouldn’t know about it. It’s an aggregator site. They aggregate reviews of movies from professional critics and newspapers and cable networks and all that. I’ve never been to the website. It’s just when you buy a movie off iTunes they show you five or six reviews from various critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well what happened with Rotten Tomatoes, the Batman fans, fans of the movie got so upset with the negative reviews of The Dark Knight Rises, they posted so many hateful comments that Rotten Tomatoes had to shut down their comments section for the first time ever. Nobody had seen the movie except the critics. The critics were ripping the movie to shreds. These Batman fans are like Star Trek fans, they love it. And the critics were ripping it to shreds.

Now, the critics ripped it to shreds because it’s not all what the critics hoped or thought it was going to be. The bad guy in the movie is an Occupy Wall Street type. The bad guy in the movie named Bane actually captures the 1% in Gotham, the wealthiest 1%, and puts them on trial and tries to take away everything they’ve got. He demonizes them. It’s along the lines of what’s happening in the American political system today, the 1% being demonized. This villain, he’s got an ulterior motive. He’s gonna blow the whole town up after he does all this. Nobody’s gonna be left standing. The 1% are just his vehicle to get where he wants to go. It really is right on the money, folks.

And so the Democrats, thinking it’s a Hollywood movie, gonna be a blockbuster, villain named Bain, I’m sure that they thought there was going to be something here to take advantage of and hype because the villain’s name is Bane. You got Romney over there, who’s Bain Capital, who they’re trying to demonize, and they thought they had something. I’m not making any of this up. All I did was “out” these people, which is why they can’t write about this without leaving me out of it. But the critics didn’t like it for this very reason. The critics are liberals. There are some exceptions, but most movie critics are like anybody else in the media — sports, news, it doesn’t matter — they’re all liberals. And to them, Occupy Wall Street, they were heroes. They tried to make those people out to be the modern incarnation of the Founding Fathers. And really what they were doing was trying to counter the real image of the Founding Fathers, the Tea Party.

The Tea Party was genuine, legit, sprang out of nowhere, bubbled up from the grassroots. And it scared the Democrats. All these average Americans showing up at town hall meetings, upset at the spending and health care, who do you think you are to come here and talk to me like that? So they created Occupy Wall Street. They manufactured it. They got together with their rent-a-mobs. They put together these things, and the Occupy Wall Street people, we all know what happened: rape, murder, all kinds of crap, destruction of property. I mean, it was an absolute pigsty wherever there was an Occupy camp. Even at that, even with that, the media lionized these people.

Well, when these critics saw The Dark Knight Rises, they ripped it. And the fans of the movie, without having seen it themselves, didn’t like it. Apparently the criticism was over the top, and the Batman movie fans want the critics and everybody else to love the movie as much as they do or love the movies as much as they do. So they just bombarded Rotten Tomatoes. They just let the critics have it. It was unprecedented. They had never had this kind of action in their comments section. So they had to shut down the comments section for the first time ever.

This is after the people that run Rotten Tomatoes had pleaded with the commentators — well, I can’t tell you what they asked ’cause… well, they said, “Don’t be a penis,” but they didn’t say “penis.” The people that run Rotten Tomatoes actually asked the commentators, please, don’t be a penis. Now, nobody had seen the movie yet. So because of this, Rotten Tomatoes is now considering doing away with their comments section altogether, or at least not opening the comment section up until after the movie’s opened. These people got death threats. The people that run Rotten Tomatoes, they got death threats, they got rape threats.

There were people threatening to rape them. Now, Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Warner Brothers, which owns the Batman franchise. The movie doesn’t open until tomorrow. Now, look at all this prepub this movie has gotten simply because I accused accurately the Democrats of trying to make a connection to the villain and Romney. Look at the buzz this got. The movie didn’t need buzz. It was gonna be gangbusters, blockbuster anyway. But look at the additional buzz that they have to be loving out there. Simply because I, El Rushbo, had the courage and the guts to out the Democrats and their intentions with this movie.

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