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RUSH: Albany in New York. This is Ed. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Basically I think Obama and the Democrats, the conclusion they drew from his 2000 election is that the American people were stupid. He’s the least qualified person in either field, far less qualified than even Sarah Palin, and the only person with his lack of qualifications is Hillary Clinton. Basically him and his allies in the media ran a confidence campaign, or confidence game, I should say, on the American people, and they think they’re gonna be able to get away with doing it this time.

RUSH: Well, I think there’s no question they’re campaigning on the stupidity of people. The ignorant, that’s who he’s building his constituency on, a collection of ignorant this, ignorant that, there’s no question. He’s counting on the fact that there are more of them than not. Along the lines of what you say, grab sound bite three. Here’s a montage. Folks, while the country’s going to hell in a handbasket, the media is thrilled. They are excited beyond belief because Obama is Swift-boating Romney. They’re excited. They love it because they think they’re now getting revenge for 2004. Of course, there’s no comparison. The Swift Boat vets were a bunch of people that served with John Kerry, who said he was unfit for command. There’s no group of Bain executives who worked with Romney who say he shouldn’t be president. Not even a story here. But listen to the montage.
PAGE: This reminds me of John Kerry and the Swift boat story.

ACOSTA: This is a Swift-boating of Mitt Romney.

O’BRIEN: The Swift boat ads used the strength of John Kerry really against him.

MORRIS: It reminds me of 2004, it’s the Swift boat summer definition.

BRIGGS: Reminiscent of the Swift boat attacks against John Kerry.

RICH: Swift-boating John Kerry. So this is nothing new.

POWERS: We certainly saw Republicans do this kind of stuff with John Kerry.

WEIGEL: This is what was done to John Kerry.

HARWOOD: Just as republicans went after John Kerry on his military experience.

FOREMAN: Mitt Romney could become the second politician from Massachusetts Swift-boated out of the presidency.

RUSH: That was Tom Foreman. Look, there’s no comparison. The Swift Boat vets, were people that served with Kerry, and knew he wasn’t what he said he was. This is just revenge. They’re just happy. They think they’ve finally come up with a way to pay the Republicans back.

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