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RUSH: This is Vinny in the Bronx. Vinny! Vinny, where you been, buddy?

VINNY: Hey, Rush. Good to talk to you again.

RUSH: Thank you.

VINNY: You know, I’ve spoken to you many times. I have to say, I gotta be careful. I gotta be careful what I’m gonna say because I’m furious. You know, I grew up in an all-black neighborhood, Hollis, Queens. You know, I love the black people. I have had so many great friends and continue to, to this day. And it’s been nothing but a love relationship. But I tell you what: At this point in my life, at this time, I am furious, when you play sound bites from people like Ms. Manning.

And what I will remember when this president walks away from the podium is that he was not the commander-in-chief; he is the racist-in-chief. Okay? Race relations in this country have been set back monumentally, okay? The NAACP is not just in the business of keeping black people from voting for Republicans. Let me correct you. The NAACP is in business to keep black people from saying, “You know what? I’m just like everyone else, and I’m treated like everyone else. I’m an equal like everyone else.” No, they want perpetual racism. They demonstrate it by their comments and what they do. Jack Kemp made a career of reaching out to black people, to empower them, to create empowerment zones in Harlem. Okay? Nothing.

RUSH: Yeah, it didn’t work.


RUSH: Yeah, I know. I know where you’re going. Well, I understand your frustration, Vinny. I think the whole country feels it. I think you’re right. The racial situation, strife, has been worsened. How many people voted for this guy ’cause they thought this was one thing that would go away?

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