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RUSH: Hey, folks, the next time you see a bunch of Democrats protesting something, I want you to keep this in mind. This video is last Wednesday in Washington at the end of the Take Back the American Dream Summit during a protest march against Karl Rove. There was actually a protest March — Democrats put it together — against Karl Rove. TheBlaze.com sent a reporter out there to ask the protesters who Karl Rove was. Ask ’em who and what they’re protesting.

PROTESTER: Karl Rove, we wonÂ’t take it no more!

REPORTER: Why are we out here today marching?

PROTESTER: We’re out here to either stop, um, this, uh, Rove guy. You cannot let him inside the office.

REPORTER: Who is Karl Rove? Why are we marching against him?

PROTESTER: Karl Rove is basically a guy —

REPORTER: Would you mind telling me why you’re marching today?

PROTESTER: We’re trying to get – keep Obama in campaign so that he can get president again.

RUSH: “We’re trying to keep Karl Rove from getting in that office. We don’t want Rove in there. We’re trying to keep Rove from getting votes. We’re trying to keep Obama in campaign so he get president again.” They’re bought and paid for. They don’t even know. This is probably the case for 99% of these Democrat protests. You just have to keep this in mind. They’re bought. It’s a rent-a-mob. They don’t even know who it is and why they’re protesting.

RUSH: One more sound bite, these rent-a-mob people. This is hilarious. It was last Wednesday, a week ago in Washington, at the end of the Take Back the American Dream Summit. And the Democrats wanted protesters outside protesting Karl Rove. They wanted the photo-op. They wanted the news footage. They wanted it all over the place that Rove and the Republicans are being protested. So they went out and hired some people. Otherwise there would have been nobody there because nobody knew Rove was there. He may not have even been there. Went out and hired a bunch of people, but some enterprising website people, TheBlaze.com, decided to go out and ask these idiots if they had any idea who it was they were protesting.

REPORTER: WhoÂ’s Karl Rove?

PROTESTER: Uh, president, one of the people thatÂ’s trying to run for president.

PROTESTER: Now in the conference was my first time hearing his name. So you know I donÂ’t really know too much about the guy.

PROTESTER: WhoÂ’s Karl Rove?

PROTESTER: Karl Rove? Karl Rove is a… is a snake.

PROTESTER: Karl Rove – I – I donÂ’t like the guy. Basically, I donÂ’t like the guy. HereÂ’s all we want — Obama to get back in President because heÂ’s doing everything well. Everything. EverythingÂ’s going great so we wouldnÂ’t want nothing to jeopardize that.

RUSH: “I don’t like the guy. I don’t never heard of him. I don’t like the guy. I never heard of Karl Rove. He wants to be president but we want Obama to be president. We want Obama to get back in president ’cause he’s doing everything well. Everything. Everything’s gonna go great so we wouldn’t want nothing to jeopardize that.” You could probably ask these guys who Obama is and… no, no. I’m sure they would. They’ve heard of Obama’s stash. It does, it sounds exactly like those people from Detroit who had no idea about anything other than they thought Obama was passing out money.

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