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RUSH: What is going on with all these Democrats deciding not to go to the Democrat convention? Are they afraid Michelle Obama is going to make them do push-ups or what? Claire McCaskill is the latest one. Claire McCaskill! She was one of Obama’s staunchest defenders and promoters throughout the 2008 campaign. She was everywhere. She was on television, she was on radio, she was in print. She was the biggest cheerleader Obama ever had. Biggest figuratively, but she was the loudest one. She was out there everywhere.

Claire McCaskill voted for Obama’s massive slush fund known as the stimulus bill.

She was all in for the tax increases that he wanted.

She defended Obamacare!

She defended Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church and its religious freedom. She was all in for Dodd-Frank. So why can’t she commit to attending her party’s celebration of their Dear Leader, their favorite community organizer: President Kardashian. If she doesn’t attend, she’s now, what, the eighth or ninth prominent Democrat to say they’re not going? And here’s something else. I’ve got the story here. Is it… (Oh! I got to do that pretty soon.) What is it? Yeah, the Speedway thing. They had a venue all set up for a party. Here it is. Here it is. Oh! Jay Nixon, the Democrat Governor of Missouri, yesterday (last night sometime, recently) came out opposed to health care, Obamacare.


RUSH: This Democrat stuff. “Democrats are considering canceling their political convention’s kick-off event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, as party planners grapple with a roughly $27 million fundraising deficit…” Their convention fund is in the red $27 million. Their convention fund is running a deficit of $27 million. They’re bankrupt! They’re broke! When I first read the story, that fact was not in it, the $27 million in debt. All it said was they were going to cancel the thing at the Speedway and move it somewhere else.

The implication being a bunch of liberal reporters didn’t want to hang around in some hayseed place like a racetrack. I kid you not. That was the first story and the implication in it was that a bunch of liberal reporters were not going to be caught dead in a freaking NASCAR racetrack. It just wasn’t gonna happen. Then subsequent editions of the story updated, finally let us know they don’t have the money to go anywhere much less a freaking NASCAR racetrack. Obama’s out raising money left and right, but he’s spending more than he’s raising.

These people could not live on what they produce themselves.

They cannot live, they cannot work, they cannot function without their hands in everybody else’s pockets.


RUSH: Here’s the Bloomberg News story on the financial problems of Democrats and their stupid convention. “In April, representatives of the major US unions, including the AFL-CIO, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the United Auto Workers, were given a tour of the convention sites in Charlotte as Democratic officials prepared to ask them to help cover their funding shortfall.” That they had all the way back in April.

“Labor organizations have been reluctant to contribute to the convention because Charlotte lacks unionized hotels and is in a state where compulsory union membership or the payment of dues is prohibited as an employment condition.” So the unions are telling Obama and the Democrats, “We’re not forking it over. We’re not going to pay for your convention.

“You chose a place that does us dirty,” in the vernacular of Rev. Wright. (impression) “He was riiiiiidin’ dirty!” He cited Bill Clinton. “He was ridin’ dirty!” Well, the unions are saying, “You’re ridin’ dirty by holding your stupid convention in North Carolina. We’re not gonna pay for it!” And Obama has said he’s not going to give any of his campaign money to them.


RUSH: Speaking with reporters in St. Louis, Governor Nixon sounded more like a Republican when asked about the impending decision. Referring to the Affordable Care Act as the ‘Washington Healthcare Law’ Nixon spoke out against the key ingredient of President ObamaÂ’s signature legislation — the so-called individual mandate requiring people to purchase health insurance. ‘I think IÂ’ve been pretty clearÂ…that the health insurance mandate is not something that I think is a good thing,’ Nixon said. ‘Without going into great detail, having the government umÂ….umÂ….order you to buy something like that is not something that in the past IÂ’ve supported.'”

So, Claire’s not going to the convention. Jay Nixon torpedoes the health care bill in advance. What does that tell you about the polling in Missouri as to what people who live there think about this health care bill? I’m telling you, only 25, 28% of people are for this health care bill. And those dingleberries think that it’s free. That’s the only reason they like it. They think it’s free health care. Blithering idiots don’t even know what it’s about.

Last summer, Missouri voters approved a referendum by a vote of 71 to 29, rejecting the individual mandate, 71 to 29. No undecideds in there. So the Governor, three days before the ruling, Justice Roberts — either lionized or turned into Justice Thomas by the media — comes out and says he doesn’t want any part of it.


RUSH: I wonder if Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri — who on Monday said he doesn’t support Obamacare. He doesn’t agree with the individual mandate; neither do the people in Missouri. By the way, Obama lost Missouri by 4,000 votes. Missouri has always been a bellwether state. They’ve written Missouri off. Obama’s not gonna spend any money there. He’s written off Missouri, written off Arizona, written off Texas.

And they’re not through. They’ve written off white, working-class voters. I’m mystified at how they think they’re gonna win this, but they do. They think they’ve got it in the bag. Do you know that? They think they’ve got this in the bag. At least they act like it. I think secretly they’re in the state of shock. But that’s for another day, another time. I’ve already explained my opinion on that.

I’m just wondering if Jay Nixon now — the governor of Missouri, a Democrat — will be celebrated for being broad-minded, for crossing the aisle, for embracing compromise. Hmm? You know darn well that when a Republican breaks with his president, when a Republican sides with the libs, “Oh, that’s growth! That is maturity, and that is a sign of broad-minded compromise.” I wonder if they’ll say that about the Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon.

Somehow, I doubt it.

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