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RUSH: This is John in southern New Mexico. You’re next here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Listen, I’ve been following the Supreme Court and what they’re doing with the Arizona law. I’ve spent 25 years enforcing the law on the border. And I can tell you —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You spent 25 years enforcing the law, that means you’re a border patrol agent or former?

CALLER: I’m a border patrol agent, yes.

RUSH: Current or former?

CALLER: Current.

RUSH: Current border patrol agent.

CALLER: I have been eligible to retire now for a couple months ago, but I’m not going, I’m staying, because there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. However, what the Supreme Court just did, and I’ll probably get in a lot of trouble over this, but what the Supreme Court just did, regarding the Arizona law… Title 8 of the United States Code section 1304(e), everybody go look it up, says that if you’re here illegally and you’re not a citizen, you have to carry proof of that with you. The law’s already on the books. I don’t know why everybody’s up in arms that Arizona is enforcing it when the US government won’t. It makes no sense. I don’t know why the Supreme Court did that, but that’s what the law says.

RUSH: Well, the Supreme Court did it because the justices that voted the way they did believe in an expanding and all-powerful federal government.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And that’s exactly what it is. That’s exactly… well, I’m not gonna go there, but that’s exactly what it is.

RUSH: It’s no more complicated than that. That’s why I’m shocked that Justice Roberts is on this side of it. Even though I know, I’m still shocked.

CALLER: That blows me away. But the law is on the books, man.

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. It was on the books but they weren’t enforcing it. They weren’t letting you enforce it, or local Arizona law enforcement was not allowed to enforce it. So Arizona said, “All right, we’ll write our own law” that essentially mirrors the statute you just cited, And the court today told them, “You can’t.”

CALLER: Brother, I’m on the same page with you. I believe that. I’m all in favor of them doing what they’re doing. It drives me crazy that the Supreme Court won’t let ’em do it. It drives me up a tree. I have never called one of these shows before. I listen to you every day, but I’ve never called. And this angered me to the point that I… Hell, I’ve been dialing the phone now for 20 minutes tryin’ to get through.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you did.

CALLER: It’s on the books, man! It’s Title 8 United States Code, Section 1304(e). It’s on the books. It’s on the books, and I’m sorry —

RUSH: Yes. If the federal government won’t enforce it, it may as well not be there. It doesn’t… Look, John, it doesn’t make any sense why we aren’t enforcing duly constituted laws.

CALLER: Amen. Amen.

RUSH: And this, I would have to think —

CALLER: I’m right there with you, man. I’m right there with you.

RUSH: This has to make your job more dangerous.

CALLER: Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 25 flippin’ years, all right? Nobody has more frustration over this than I do. Nobody. Nobody in the whole damn world. I have refused promotions to stay out in the bushes, to stay out and enforce the law, and that’s why I’m staying now. I could retire tomorrow. I could be done. But somebody’s gotta do it.

RUSH: But you can’t now. At least not that statute.

CALLER: I could go, but I’m very good at what I do.

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I’m very good at what I do.

RUSH: I like hearing people say that. I love hearing people say they’re good at what they do. I believe you are.

CALLER: I love what I do and I’m very, very good at what I do. But it angers me when the country won’t do the right thing. And like I said, there are a lot of people who are gonna recognize my voice, and I’ll probably get in trouble over this. But that’s okay, ’cause I can sign the papers tomorrow and be done.

RUSH: What would happen to you? If you are recognized, what?

CALLER: They’ll probably throw me out.

RUSH: Fire you?

CALLER: Probably. And I have a very recognizable voice, kind of like yours.

RUSH: Right. So you’re not allowed to have — or you’re not allowed to express — an opinion that’s contrary to the government’s?

CALLER: Well, unofficially, no. We’re really not. We’re not supposed to speak out against the government. We’re not supposed to do that. It’s kind of like… I mean, we’re the closest thing to the military there is.

RUSH: You ever come close to anything to do with Fast and Furious?

CALLER: I’m not gonna talk about that. I’ll tell you, I have been shot at, but I don’t know who supplied those weapons. But, no, I’m not gonna talk about Fast and Furious.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I appreciate talking to you, sir.

RUSH: I’m glad you got through, John.

CALLER: I listen to you every day that I can. Normally I can’t because normally I’m in places where I can’t even pick up AM radio. But today is my day off. I’m celebrating my anniversary with my wife. So I happened to be listening to you while going down the road to go eat. I’m taking my wife out and we’re gonna try to have a good time.

RUSH: Well, I hope you do. I need to ask something. This is acceptable. I’ve gotta find a way for you to listen to this program when you’re not within range of one of our affiliates. Do you have a computer?

CALLER: I’m normally not in range.

RUSH: Well, we can fix that. Do you have a computer?

CALLER: Uh, yeah. Of sorts.

RUSH: “Of sorts.” Are you a member of my website?

CALLER: I am not.

RUSH: Okay. Well, when we finish here, I want you to hang on, ’cause I’m gonna ask Snerdley to get your address. We’ll send you a little MacBook air. It’s a great little computer, portable, state of the art. But we’re also gonna make you a subscriber to Rush 24/7.

CALLER: You don’t need to. You don’t need to do that, sir.

RUSH: No, no, no. I know I don’t have to, but here’s the thing. Every day when this program is over we prepare a podcast of it that is downloadable from our website or from iTunes. We don’t put any commercials in it because we don’t sell any advertising in the podcast. And you can listen to it on an iPod, an iPhone, or whatever you have in your car.

CALLER: I don’t own one of those, so…

RUSH: Well, we’ll fix that, too. But regardless, the point is that you, with the podcast, can download it to the portable player and listen to it whenever you have time. You don’t have to be in range of the radio.

CALLER: Sir, I very much do appreciate it. But like I said, you don’t need to do that.

RUSH: I know. The fun of it is being able to when I don’t have to.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: Now, don’t hang up. We need to get all the information to get this stuff to you and some instructions.

CALLER: And listen. Listen. At my own peril, I’m gonna tell you: You just keep doing what you’re doing. We need more people doing what you’re doing.

RUSH: I can handle it. I can handle it. I appreciate that. I find it amazing that you are afraid for people that you work for to know that you have said what you’ve said.

CALLER: Well, probably. Yes.

RUSH: I guess that’s…

CALLER: But you know what? You just keep doing what you’re doing. We need more people like you.

RUSH: I appreciate that very much. Now, don’t hang up.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: The next person you talk to will be Mr. Snerdley again. That’s John from the southwestern part of the country.

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