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RUSH: The sound bites are coming up here, ladies and gentlemen. The media still continues to be upset over the speech, and Gloria Borger says that, while the media is not happy with the speech, it doesn’t matter because the voters aren’t paying attention yet. Really? If the voters aren’t paying attention, then why did we have Catch, Release, Vote announced today? Why did Kardashian say we’re gonna simply stop deporting illegals, and 800,000 illegals are now gonna be granted work permits. Not citizenship, but that’s just down the road.

Catch, Release, Vote.


RUSH: We had amnesty announced today. Amnesty was announced today! Catch, Release, Vote. You tell me people aren’t paying attention? That happened today because people are paying attention, and Kardashian wants to capitalize on it. By the way, Snerdley just said something during the break, and it’s probably true. It isn’t gonna be long before one of the Kardashian babes is asked about this, and you know what their reaction is gonna be? You know what they’re gonna say?

They’ll say, “Who? Rush who?”

They will not know who I am. The looks on their faces will be totally vacant.


RUSH: Here’s Gloria Borger. Grab sound bite number three. I’ve just been touting this. We have time to squeeze it in here. This is Gloria Borger explaining why she thinks Obama will get away with a bad speech.

BORGER: I think it’s more of the same old, same old at this point. And I think we may not know until the debates how the public really feels about the economy. The question is: When does the public also start cementing in its views about how the economy is doing? You know, Republicans tend to say they’re gonna do it right now and that this last jobs report was really important. And Democrats I talk to tend to say, “You know what? They’re gonna wait ’til the fall. They’re gonna wait ’til after the Olympics, maybe around the World Series.”

RUSH: Yeah. “They’re not paying attention now. That’s what the Democrats I talk to tell me. They’re not gonna zero in on the economy now.” Everybody’s in pain, Gloria. They don’t have to wait for the economy to make an impression on ’em! And Obama knows they’re paying attention. Why else do this DREAM Act thing now?

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