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RUSH: Also on this program last Friday, I made an observation that ended up being echoed in the Drive-By Media a couple of days later. Here’s what I said. It’s audio sound bite number one and two. Here’s what I said Friday about Obama…

RUSH ARCHIVE: These guys are still so enamored about Obama. They feel sorry for the guy now. I’m convinced that the Drive-Bys feel total sympathy, feel so sorry for the guy. “You know, it’s bad enough to be born black in this country — and then to be elected president and have everybody gunning for you? It’s so bad, it’s like slavery’s still out there.”

RUSH: The unemployment numbers had come out the day before. It was horrible. It was really rotten. Everybody was dumping on Obama, and I sensed sympathy. Lo and behold, that night on the NewsHour at PBS, Judy Woodruff was talking to David Brooks and Mark “Maxie” Shields. Woodruff said, “Is there time for the President to turn this around in his direction? ‘Is time running out for him?’ is what I’m saying.” And here’s the exchange in answer to the question…
BROOKS: To some extent you have to feel sorry for him. This is, in large degree, (snickers) not his fault. Things are happening way beyond his control.

SHIELDS: (whispering) It’s true.

BROOKS: I don’t think a president has control over a quarterly economy in any case. But the… the European situation is certainly not his fault. The Chinese slowdown is not his fault. Obama has really very little control and he’s a victim of this myth that presidents control the economy quarter to quarter.

RUSH: Mr. Brooks, have you no shame? That’s David Brooks of the New York Times. It’s not his fault? Then why did the crease in his pants back in 2008 convince you that he would be the best president ever? Oh, now he doesn’t have control! He can’t do anything about it! (This is the “conservative” on the show, by the way.) He can’t do anything about quarterly economics, can’t do anything about Europe. By the way, speaking of Europe: Obama blamed our economic problems on Europe!

He has also advised Europe not to reduce spending, not to cut spending. And the ChiComs? Obama craves the ChiComs! Obama loves the ChiComs. He’s been pointing to China with lesson after lesson after lesson that we could learn. Now they’re feeling sorry for him.


RUSH: I have perhaps the best question of all, ladies and gentlemen. We keep hearing that Barack Obama is personally popular, do we not? Poll numbers may be down a little bit, and everybody may not like the economic situation, they may not like the economic news, unemployment may not be good. But you know, Obama, people really like the guy. Popularity is sky high. Well, if that’s true, why in the name of Sam Hill will he not go to Wisconsin and help pull that election out of the fire? If he’s so universally loved, particularly among Democrats, and if they’ve got a turnout problem, if that’s the number one objective for Democrats in Wisconsin tomorrow is turnout, why not send this universally adored, loved, and popular president in there?

He had six fundraisers on Friday, all very near Wisconsin, but none of them actually in the state. He had some in Illinois, some in Minnesota, but none in Wisconsin. If he’s so popular, why not go in there? No, they sent Bill Clinton in there who endorsed Mitt Romney the day before. Now the whole theme of the Sunday shows yesterday was essentially that the economy is not Obama’s fault and that we feel sorry for Obama. And that all of these things are just outside of his control. But, yet, contrast that to the mythology we got about Obama in 2008. He was The One. He was a messianic figure. He was unlike anybody who had ever trodden the earth in American politics before. He had the ability to be post-racial, post-partisan. We’re going to have unity. The world is going to love us. All of these traditional political arguments are going to be set aside. People are going to compromise. We’re going to work together. The old politics is going to be blown up. There’s going to be a new era of love and harmony and all this.

Now we’ve gone from characterizing Obama with those kinds of mythical powers to somebody, “It’s not his fault. He doesn’t have any control of the economy. He doesn’t have any control over Europe. Not his fault. No control over what happened in China. You can’t blame Obama.” What a comedown. What a total plunge here. By the way, fewer than 1,000 people showed up for Clinton’s rally for Tom Barrett in Wisconsin, mayor of Milwaukee. Fewer than 1,000. And this is the godfather. I mean, you think Obama’s popular. Why, Obama can’t hold a candle to Clinton. Clinton’s popularity even blinds that of Obama’s. Less than 1,000, and there was all kinds of pre-pub leading up to this. Lots of pre-publicity.

Now, if the rumor had been that Clinton had fathered a child maybe a bigger crowd would have shown up because that is a resume enhancement on the Democrat side. A thousand people. Only 1,000 people show up. Now, if messiahs cannot help the economy, who can?


RUSH: By the way, folks, David Brooks and Mark “Maxie” Shields saying, “Oh, I feel sorry for Obama. He doesn’t have any control over the economy! Obama doesn’t have any control over the quarterly economic numbers or over what Europe is doing. Obama has no control over what’s happening in China.” If that’s true, why worry about what Romney would do? I mean, if Obama has no control over the economy, what does it matter what Romney would do because he wouldn’t either, right?

So what does it matter if presidents have no control? I mean, they’re giving up! That’s the house conservative at the New York Times. “Obama, it’s not his fault.” They feel sorry for him. Obama has no control over it! Well, they sure as hell wanted us to believe that Obama was Mr. God when all this started back in 2009, when he was immaculated.

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