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RUSH: I want to take you back. May 25th, I said the following right here.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obamacare, however, defines Barack Obama. It’s the cornerstone of the forthcoming Obama presidential library. It’s his place in history, and it is where he gets to transform this country. He’s out there saying America has never worked. He means capitalism has never worked. And it’s health care, it is Obamacare, fully implemented, that gives him the slam-dunk opportunity to finally, in his mind, remake this country, transform it into what it shoulda always been. But it, in their minds, is hanging in the balance. They are not confident about this.

This was his victory over America, folks. Obamacare was the victory over America. Obama at war with the America that was founded. Osawatomie, Kansas, he said this year, it’s not working. It’s never worked. America, capitalism. And Obamacare, that was the death knell. His victory over America. His victory over free markets. His victory over the Constitution. He has received countless toasts, tributes, congratulatory notes since that abysmal law was shoved down our throats. Obamacare’s passage was nirvana for Obama. Now the campaign’s frozen. The regime is consumed with planning how to handle the next event, and that’s the court decision on Obamacare.

RUSH: Bloomberg broke this story, and it shows that I was right about this. They’re looking to run on Obamacare again. This is the story, this is Hans Nichols, White House reporter, talking about an Obama fundraiser.

NICHOLS: This is according to three Democratic activists, and that is the president at these fundraisers, when he’s asked about it says that he may have to return to health care in his second term if the Supreme Court rules against all or part of the Affordable Care Act. This is significant because that’s so at odds with the president’s public posture on what the court is gonna do, and that is utter confidence. When the president is asked about it, he does repeat that, that he thinks the law is on his side. But then he gives the “but,” the “what happens if the court rules against him.” That’s not something he does in public. These fundraisers tell us, the president games out potential scenarios on what might happen in term two, the political challenges, the policy challenges.

RUSH: All right, so what’s he doing? Is he just simply fundraising, trying to scare these people? “You know what? They may overturn it. I’m gonna need a second term to redo it.” Or is he sending a message that he knows it’s going down and trying to prepare them for it. Either way, going to need a second term to redo it. There’s smart money on both sides of this. It’s impossible to know. But there are people who think, as close as he is to Kagan, Sotomayor, that one of them at least might have told him how that first vote went or how it’s shaping up.

Because a lot of people are saying, if you’re really confident that you’re gonna be upheld, why even bring this up? Why even present the possibility, particularly to donors? Why show a lack of confidence to donors? And the point about him not doing it in public, well, you wouldn’t do it in public. You would not express a lack of confidence in public for people whose votes you need, but people whose money you need, maybe you do. So it’s just added to all the intrigue about this.


RUSH: No, no, no, I think Obama is telling the truth to the donors. I think one of the things that you do with your donors, you give them the inside dope. It’s what you do. You tell your fat cat donors the inside info. That’s what they’re paying for, 35 grand plus a cheap dinner. That’s what they’re paying for. You tell them things you don’t say to the public. So I think when he says to fat cat donors, “We might need to redo it,” I think it’s an indication he might know something. He’s out in Minnesota right now, one of his six fundraisers today, very near Wisconsin, blaming Congress for the lack of jobs. Congress hasn’t done enough. And he said, “We can’t come out of this overnight.” Overnight? For crying out loud, you’ve told us for the past two years that we have come out of it.

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