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RUSH: Here is Charlie Rose last night on his PBS show. His guest is New York Magazine National Editor John Heilemann, and they’re talking about the presidential race. This is the question that I told you about right before the top of the hour. Basically Charlie Rose says: Why do Republicans want to beat Obama so bad?

ROSE: What is it about the President that seems to make them so passionate to defeat him?

HEILEMANN: That’s kind of like a PhD dissertation-style question.

ROSE: Yeah.

HEILEMANN: There is a part of the Republican Party, the conservative — far conservative — aspect of it that have hated the President with a really raw intensity since the day he walked into the office. Certainly the birther thing seems to be, at least to me, partly driven by racial animus. This notion of Obama as a socialist, that he is Chicago school, Saul Alinsky. There’s all these associations that a lot of the right have with various kinds of left-wing bogeys. You know, if you look at the way the president’s governed — in my opinion, you know — he’s clearly been left of center.

ROSE: Mmm-humph.

HEILEMANN: But not socialist by any means.

RUSH: Oh, no, no! Of course not. Not socialist. He’s just taking over one-sixth of the economy with government-run health care. No way! How could anybody think the guy’s a socialist!

Mr. Heilemann, he says he’s one.

And I’m sorry, but the Saul Alinsky stuff is real.

Why do conservatives want to beat Hillary as badly as they want to beat Obama? Is it ’cause she’s black? Well, she’s not black. Her husband was the first black president, but she was not the first black first lady. No, it’s ’cause she’s a woman, right? It can’t possibly be because of the politics. What kind of question is this? Charlie, would you ever ask Heilemann, “Why do Democrats want to beat George Bush so bad?” The question would never even occur to you.

These guys are still so enamored of Obama. They feel sorry for the guy now. I’m convinced the Drive-Bys feel total sympathy, feel so sorry for the guy. “You know, it’s bad enough to be born black in this country, and then to be elected president and have everybody gunning for you. It’s so bad, it’s like slavery’s still out there.” Mr. Heilemann, it really isn’t complicated. We simply reject the man’s ideas. And after 3-1/2 years, our question is: Why don’t you? What in the world is it about what’s going on that you want more of? And I could ask that of any Drive-By journalist.

Tell me, what more of this do you want?

You live here, too.

You don’t have an exemption card.

What of this does anybody want more of?

I know, I know, all the people on food stamps. I’m not talking about them. It’s obvious what they want: More food stamps. Yeah, but somebody has to pay for that, somebody has to produce for that, and that’s all being wiped out. Bill Plante, CBS This Morning, during a discussion on the economy with Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose turns to Bill Plante and says, “Let’s turn to the Obama campaign. How do they see it? How do they see these job numbers, Bill? Are they confident at the White House?”

PLANTE: I don’t think that they’re ever gonna say that they can win by four to five points. They think they can win, but they have said all along: It is razor close. And they know that they have to win over a very small percentage of independents. They know that the economy is their enemy and it’s Romney’s campaign issue. So they have to appeal to their base and get them out.

RUSH: Now, stop and think of that.

The Obama White House knows “the economy is their enemy.” Now, you can interpret that any number of ways. One way I would interpret it is: Yeah, Obama has been waging war on the economy for 3-1/2 years. You’re damn right, it’s his enemy. But I don’t think that’s how Bill Plante means it ’cause I don’t think Bill Plante has any concept of Obama’s economic policies being destructive. These guys are deluding themselves. They think Obama’s still trying to work and get the deficit down. They really do.

Don’t laugh at me. They think Obama’s working hard to reduce the deficit, even though there hasn’t been one shred of entitlement reform proposed; there hasn’t been one responsible budget submitted; there hasn’t been one piece of legislation aimed at reducing debt. That’s what they think he’s doing. They think he’s working hard and is gonna work even harder to get that debt down in the second term. And he’s working to create jobs. They are deluding themselves, ’cause they think that’s what all politicians do.

Yea, they try to make the economy better and get reelected. I’ve never seen a bunch of blinder bats than the current national White House Washington press corps. You could argue what it is that’s blinding them, but nevertheless, they are. But this… He says here, “Well, you know, they have to win over a very small percentage of independents.” Would somebody explain to me what Obama is doing to appeal to independents? Just one thing. What is it? What’s he doing to appeal on independents?

Is it the Keystone pipeline that he’s blocking?

Is it the drilling moratorium for oil?

Is it runaway unemployment?

Is it plunging economic growth?

What is it? Is it bankrupting solar and wind energy companies? Is it investing in a nonexistent business? Is it crony capitalism? What is it that Obama’s doing that is appealing to the independents? The only war that Obama’s winning is the war on the economy. It’s probably the only war that he feels strongly about. Obama’s not a politician. He’s an activist. We have an agenda-oriented activist and a celebrity. He’s a celebrity of the United States, and he’s an activist. He is not even a politician. Politicians do not simply blow off members of their own party this way, causing other members to blow him off.

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