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RUSH: This is CNN: “Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop today at the shuttered headquarters of Solyndra.” Romney went and stood in front of the Solyndra sign for a photo-op. Solyndra, “the failed energy company that he talks about a lot as a symbol of Obama’s misuse of taxpayer dollars.” Now, folks, this is well-played. I have to tell you, at the beginning of the program I told you I really like the fact that Romney is ignoring all these Democrat calls to repudiate his supporters.

“Distance yourself from Trump. He’s a birther! How dare you? Distance yourself from Limbaugh. You have go out to condemn these people. You have got to put ’em away. You’ve gotta put ’em down,” and Romney’s not responding to it at all. Now, McCain, he didn’t wait for the Democrats to complain. When he knew they were gonna complain he took preemptive action and got rid of supporters. And most Republicans do. The media, the Democrats, start stomping their feet and crying and moaning.

They start demanding (sniveling liberal impression), “You better repudiate Limbaugh! You — you — you better distance yourself from Limbaugh.” And Republicans that go do it are applauded. But Romney, to his credit, is not. So here’s Obama running all these ads about how heartless and cold Romney is. (paraphrased) “Bain Capital, all they cared about is profits! They hired people and fired ’em. They took over companies and they fired people and they shut ’em down and took them to bankruptcy, but they got their profits out of it.”

So Romney has responded (paraphrased), “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ve got an 80% success rate, Mr. President. The companies that Bain Capital — using its own money, by the way — went in and rescued had an 80% success rate. What’s your success rate, Mr. President? Zero! Every company you’ve attempted to save or industry you’ve tried to give a boost to — with taxpayer dollars, not even your own — are bankrupt.” And to personify this, to illustrate it, Romney goes to Solyndra today.

Bravo! Well done! I like this.

I don’t care if Romney’s “not conservative enough.” I know some people, like Joe Scarborough yesterday on his show, said (paraphrased), “People don’t know about Solyndra! This is crazy. Romney’s wasting his time talking about Solyndra. The American people never heard of it and the American people don’t care about Solyndra.” He said you and I care about it, but nobody else knows about it. I’m sure in certain circles, inside the Beltway, it is considered an inside baseball story that the average American doesn’t know about and doesn’t care about.

But, see, that’s what a campaign is for.

A lot of people are gonna know about it now, if they didn’t. And they are gonna learn about it in context. Because Romney’s being hit for failing to save companies but taking profits out of them and firing people. So let’s go! Let’s go to the shuttered, shut-down, number one example of Barack Obama knowing how to do this. Let’s go to Solyndra, a phony company with a phony industry: solar panels, solar energy. They spent all this taxpayer money, and it’s nothing. It’s shuttered. It’s shut down.

If only Bain Capital had tried to save Solyndra, it might have been saved. I’m not sure about that ’cause there’s no business there. Bain probably didn’t want any part of it ’cause there’s no business there. Solyndra was a bunch of Obama donors. So the media is going out of its way not to cover Romney’s visit to Solyndra. Fox is covering it. I just saw it. I just saw a brief picture of Romney at the Solyndra sign. CNN is covering it on their website.

“The Thursday visit was kept a tight secret by the Romney campaign, which told reporters they needed to travel in a campaign bus to an undisclosed location. A Romney adviser said the campaign had concealed the event location for fear the [regime] would somehow prevent them from staging it.” Probably true. If the regime finds out Romney is going to Solyndra, the regime owns it (what’s left of it). So you call some marshals in and you don’t let anybody in.

“Asked how the [regime] could prevent an event staged on public property, the adviser said there might be a way. ‘Look, he’s only president. I mean, they could work with town officials to deny us access.’ Romney is expected to give brief remarks then take some questions.” Speaking of all this, audio sound bite number seven: Dick Morris last night on The O’Reilly Factor. There was a discussion of the presidential race. Here’s Dick Morris’ take on Bain, Obama, and Romney.

MORRIS: You see the girl running around with “Round 1” sign around the ring. It’s the end of Round 1, and Romney won Round 1. President Obama thought that Bain Capital would be a silver bullet. He thought Romney walked around with a bull’s-eye on his chest and all he needed to do was pull the trigger. And once he put the Bain Capital stuff on, Romney would fall apart. Didn’t happen. And now Romney is coming back with Solyndra, and Obama’s dropping Bain and moving on to his record as governor. That’s huge! When you’re political consultants and you fire your best bullet and the guy is still standing and isn’t hurt, that’s very bad news.

RUSH: Damn straight it is, and Bain was bullet-point number one in this campaign. Well, bullet-point number two. Occupy Wall Street and Romneycare, that’s still to come. Those are the number one bullet-points going after Romney. But this was number two, and it didn’t work. They finally had to drop it. That’s a good observation there by Dick Morris.

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