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RUSH: First quarter economic growth was revised downward to 1.9%. Corporate profits had the worst quarter in three years. That’s why there isn’t any new hiring. Economic growth was revised downward. I think they reported it at 1.1%. It’s now been revised down to 1.9%. That’s economic growth. And corporate profits had their worst quarter in the first quarter in three years. Now, that’s a success story for Obama. You know when he talks about “profits” he spits the word out.

Liberals hate profits because they don’t understand them, and they think they’re evil. They think profit results from screwing people, cheating people, stealing. They haven’t the slightest concept of it. So they’re happy with this. I’m sorry, the number was 2.2%. “The advanced report a month ago said that the first quarter annualized growth rate would be at 2.2%, which was down from the fourth quarter last year at 3%.” So we’ve gone from 3% growth to 1.9% growth. Would somebody explain to me…?

I’m serious, now, about this. Would somebody explain to me how Obama’s poll numbers are as high as they are? Honestly, now. I don’t care about likability, popularity, approval. With circumstances as they are — with Obama not the cool, calm, collected guy everybody thought he was — I don’t get the likability. Somebody explain to me why his numbers are so high. I think the media is public polling itself. I think these approval numbers, these likability numbers, mean the media is polling itself. I think that’s the only way. Or maybe they’re polling at Zabar’s on the Upper West Side or in SoHo. I know they’re oversampling Democrats. They have to be doing that.

Romney. I have to tell you something about Romney. I meant to mention this yesterday. We played for you the CNN sound bites of Wolf Blitzer. After a pre-interview with Trump in which Trump was not told they’re gonna be asking him birther questions, that interview was total birthers questions.

And then that set up the media all day yesterday with the narrative, the template: “On the big day that Romney finally secures the Republican nomination, he’s overshadowed by Trump’s birther talk.” And that’s all the media did all day yesterday was talk about that. And then the media and the Democrats did what they always do. They started demanding of Romney that he denounce Trump, and then they threw my name in there for good measure.

And that’s always the way it is. It’s always the way it is. Republicans are always told they have to repudiate this person; they have to apologize for that person. And Romney didn’t do it! And this needs to be pointed out and noted. I know that there are a lot of people still unhappy with Romney. Establishment candidate, moderate, not really conservative. I understand all that. But I’m telling you, this is not the McCain campaign. McCain, had the left demanded that he distance himself from Trump, not only would have distanced himself from Trump.

But he woulda gone public and kicked Trump out of his campaign. And Romney did not do that. Romney did something else. There’s a tweet here from Mitt Romney central. “Romney supporters drown out Axelrod press conference in Boston, shouting, ‘Five more months! Five more months!'” Axelrod is showing up everywhere. And he was in Boston at a press conference, and Romney voters showed up and shouted him down, “Five more months! Five more months!” meaning: Until we’re finished with you.


RUSH: So Axelrod shows up in Boston, and he’s up there for Elizabeth Warren. By the way, is that not the strangest campaign? This is descending or deteriorating into the weirdest story. Now she says she was the first… Let’s see if I understand this. Elizabeth Warren says she was the first Indian law professor to breast-feed at school or something like that. Maybe she didn’t say first Cherokee, but why is this woman still a viable candidate?

Why is this woman still polling with one person willing to vote for her? This woman is literally deranged just by virtue of the things that she is saying. Anyway, Axelrod shows up in Boston for her. He had big press conference for Obama. And the protesters are out there shouting, “Five more months! Five more months!” They also were shouting at Axelrod, “Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?”

And Axelrod yelled back at ’em, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Imagine somebody from the Obama regime telling people they can’t handle the truth!


RUSH: My friends, it’s really bad out there for the regime. It really is. Axelrod’s in Boston. We’ve got some audio of this. Axelrod — who’s everywhere. Do you realize…? Maybe you don’t. The New York Times has this big story on the bravery and the involvement and the hands-on leadership of Barack Obama when it comes to killing terrorists. “The Kill List,” as it’s called. The names of the bad guys that our drones in the sky are supposed to wipe out.

And the story is that Obama is in there personally signing off on the names of the terrorists to be wiped out by the drones. He’s competent! He’s involved! He cares! He’s smart! He’s tough! He doesn’t take any guff from anybody! Barack Obama: He’s the guy. (It really is a pathetic story.) If you have to tell people that the President of the United States is involved in something like the War on Terror, then there must be some question about it, otherwise why do the story?

Wouldn’t most people assume the president is involved in something like this? Maybe not, because the New York Times has to big, long story. Even Axelrod’s in the room! Axelrod is helping Obama pick the names. He’s everywhere. And so is Plouffe, the campaign guy. And a lot of people are wondering, is Obama really doing anything, or is it these other two guys making all the decisions and writing the stuff for him to say on the prompter? At any rate, here’s Axelrod. He was in Boston this morning — in Boston! — when this happened! Listen.

AXELROD: Romney economics didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

FOLLOWERS: (screeching cheers) (applause)

AXELROD: And with that I… If, uhhh…

PROTESTERS: (chanting) Where are the jobs?

AXELROD: If there are members of the news media who want to address questions to us, uhhh, who wanna contend with it, we’ll, uhh… We’re happy to entertain them.

PROTESTERS: (chanting) Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?

AXELROD: You can’t handle the truth, my friends. That’s the problem.

PROTESTERS: (chanting) Five more months! Five more months!

AXELROD: You can’t handle the truth. You quiet down.

RUSH: That’s the way to run the campaign. So you got — in Boston! — anti-Obama, anti-Axelrod protestors show up. “Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Five more months! Where are the jobs?” Axelrod: “You can’t handle the truth, my friends. That’s the problem. You can’t handle the truth. You quiet down.” Exactly as a statist, exactly as somebody works for a would-be dictator would look at the crowd: You shut up! “You can’t handle the truth!”

It’s the little things.

Here’s Obama’s chief adviser, and these are voters. These are American citizens. They are attacked and insulted by the president’s guy. “You can’t handle the truth. That’s the problem. You can’t handle the truth. You quiet down!” I just wanted you to hear it for yourself.

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