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RUSH: Have you been following this sex-selection abortion business? My sense here is that this is off people’s radar a bit. Now, I could be wrong. I utilize empathy, it’s a primary characteristic of a successful media figure, empathy with the audience. What I mean by that is, in real terms, the host knows when the audience has their finger poised to change the channel in the car and does something to make sure it doesn’t happen. That’s empathy. I know you never change stations here. Once you start here, you’re hooked here. This abortion story, it’s a social issue story. Some people are obviously very interested in it, but it’s not old enough yet to have taken deep root, but it should, because it’s profound.

Now, my version of the story is from LifeNews.com. “President Barack Obama appears to oppose the ban on sex-selection abortions that the House of Representatives debated yesterday and will be voting on today.” Now, it’s pretty self-explanatory, sex-selection abortion. To explain this, I want to go back to the late eighties or early nineties. I could remember back in the early days of this program’s history discussing abortion. Yeah, some people liked it, but a lot of people and a majority of the audience got nervous. I remember, I went back to Sacramento, did a Rush to Excellence appearance there. I’m trucking along and I’m doing great and I’m doing wonderful, and I wrap it up with something on abortion as it related to the issue at that time. And I could sense a cooling in the audience. It was an uncomfortable thing. I mean they were passionate about it, but it made people uncomfortable to discuss something that people thought was a very personal and private issue, and they considered it proselytizing.

I remember I got in the car to head back to the hotel, wherever I was going, and the driver said, “Boy, they ate that up, except the abortion stuff.” So my instincts were right on this. And I remember all of the early days in talking about this issue, explaining what might happen down the line. And I’ll never forget using two examples. I said, “Let’s take a look medical ethics and genetics and where that eventually might intersect. What happens someday if –” and we’re there, or we’re very close “– what happens if a couple is told by the doctor that their child has a great likelihood of becoming redheaded, freckle-faced, and tending to obese.

What if those genes are dominant, and what if that couple says, “You know what, I don’t want to bring a child into the world that’s gonna be freckle-faced and overweight. Let’s abort it.” And people thought, “How dare you! How dare you!” I said, “Don’t blame me, this is going to happen,” because to me it was a cultural and moral issue as much as it was political. And I said, “The way the arguments of the whole issue shape up, personal choice, can do with your body whatever you want, and nobody else can tell you you can’t, husband has no role, husband has no rights.” I said, “Wait until it happens, if it does, that they’re able to tell you that the baby in your womb has the gene that predisposes to homosexuality.”

I said what’s gonna happen then, you’re gonna see the biggest 180-degree shift from pro-choice to pro-life you’ve ever seen. The entire gay community is gonna become pro-life like you’ve never seen before. And as usual I was on the cutting edge of societal evolution, a little bit ahead of my time, saying things that people didn’t want to hear ’cause they didn’t want to confront them. They wanted it kept in the little cocoon of just a woman’s choice and no more. But I said, “Look, we’re making advances in biogenetics and medical ethics are clearly going to enter the picture here at some point in our lifetimes.” And now, lo and behold, there’s not much here that separates us from China on this. This is abortion taking place because couples don’t want a little girl.

How many of these sex-selection abortions do you think take place because couples don’t want a little boy? If I had to guess — don’t think there’s any documentation on this — but if I had to guess, I would say this is the real War on Women. That’s what I would say. If the sex-selection abortion becomes commonplace in our culture, “Okay, the baby’s a little girl.”

“Ah, we don’t want a little girl right now.”

So they asked Obama, “Where do you come down on this?” LifeNews.com said Obama appears to oppose a ban on sex-selection abortion. Now, some people don’t think we should have a ban on it at all, it’s constitutional.


RUSH: Now, for what it’s worth, folks, Planned Parenthood told the Huffing and Puffington Post the other day that they provide confidential, nonjudgmental care and that they would not deny a woman a sex-selection abortion except in states where it’s explicitly illegal. And it’s only illegal right now, sex-selection abortion illegal in Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. And Planned Parenthood’s also denounced — there’s an undercover video that showed one of their workers helping a woman set up a gender-based abortion as part of a hoax campaign.

Now, this is really an issue that has primarily moral ramifications. If you think that abortion has a causal link to societal decline, cultural decline, then the story is of interest to you. If you don’t, it’s none of your business and you don’t want to hear any part of it and it’s something that should be left alone and not really talked about and so forth. But one of the things I worried about was the cheapening of life at both ends of the spectrum. And if abortion and euthanasia both occur primarily as convenience items for the living, then there are a lot of people that are gonna be at risk in our culture and society down the road. If there’s no stigma attached to this, and if abortion is considered like turning on the spigot to get a drink of water, for any reason, then we’re cheapening life and we’re doing so at the end of life and that spectrum, too.

Of course you introduce Obamacare with death panels. I just find it fascinating, the president of the United States, same guy who, as an Illinois state senator, advocated legal protection for doctors who botched abortions. It’s why some people claim that Obama is a supporter of infanticide because the law was that if a doctor performs an abortion and the baby survives, then another doctor can be drawn in and finish the job, since the original intent was to abort the child. Well, that’s a different thing. The child has been born now. It’s outside the womb. Yet Obama still supported terminating it. It’s actually Jake Tapper on the ABC News website, the White House got back to him because he asked them about this and the president opposes a bill to ban sex-selection abortion. It’s natural he would. It’s a campaign year and they’re not raising anywhere near the money they thought they would. That’s another problem they’ve got. This billion-dollar campaign, that was hocus-pocus from the get-go.


RUSH: Just one last comment on this sex-selection abortion. The fact of the matter is that it is women and little girls who are being aborted in greater numbers than boys, and that’s a real War on Women. That is a real War on Women. And you notice that Obama won’t stand up against a real War on Women. I know that abortion’s a touchy subject for a lot of people. The one thing, though, the pro-choicers — which, it’s pro-abortion. Believe me. Tell ’em you’re “pro-choice but you choose life” and they won’t let you in.

I tried it once.

The fact of the matter is, they don’t want any exceptions to this. Any exception weakens the political nature of what abortion is. So you’re presented with an option and you say, “You know what? I’m pro-choice, but I don’t think we ought to be aborting babies on the basis of their sex.” Well, that’s too dangerous for anybody, particularly a leftist Democrat president, to say. They’re not gonna open the door to other restrictions on it.

The Planned Parenthood people wouldn’t put up with it, the NAGs wouldn’t put up with it, and Obama would run himself out of money. He’s got no choice here. I don’t think it is a choice for him. I don’t think he’s got a problem with this. But even if he did, he wouldn’t have the freedom and the ability to stand up here in defense of life in this circumstance, ’cause it would kill him politically, because the pro-aborts demand abortion on demand for whatever reason — any time, any way, anyhow. They even lobby for it, as we all know.

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