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RUSH: Former Texas solicitor general and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz did indeed get enough votes in yesterday’s Republican primary to deny Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst 50% of the vote, which means there will have to be a runoff in Texas nine weeks from now. It also means that for the third time in three weeks, a Tea Party candidate has successfully taken on a Republican establishment Senate candidate and either beaten them or, as in this case, forced a runoff.

Earlier this month Richard Mourdock in Indiana beat Dick Lugar, just as had Deb Fischer upset two better-known candidates in Nebraska. And yet the Drive-Bys continue to talk about the death of the Tea Party, the Tea Party’s gone, the Tea Party’s a nonfactor. The Republican establishment talks about the death of the Tea Party all because they don’t see it, except on Election Day. And then they see it, and then they hear it, and then they start cursing. The Tea Party started as a protest movement. And of course you can’t miss a protest movement, people showing up at town hall meetings. They move beyond that now. These are people working at the grassroots to get people elected. And it’s working.

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street movement appears to be completely shovel-ready. Where the heck is it? The Wall Street movement, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been nothing but a protest movement. That’s all it’s been. This cannibal, this guy down in Florida, he’s got more in common with the Occupy movement than he does any other group in this country. Well, the same kind of perverted stuff goes on. Maybe not cannibalism, but I mean you’ve got every other example of human depravity going on within the Occupy movement. We never hear anything about the Occupy movement anymore, unless it’s a report about some of their members being arrested for terrorist plots like wanting to blow up bridges or something.

So while the Occupy movement has been busy trying to blow up bridges, the Tea Party has been busy winning primary after primary. See, the Tea Party’s not a movement. The Tea Party is an idea. The Tea Party is a series of ideas. It has a core. Occupy doesn’t have a core. It’s just a bunch of rabble-rousers thrown together. And they are a movement. By the way, speaking of Texas, a major Democrat has bitten the dust. Here it is. A major upset. “In a major upset, longtime US Rep. Silvestre Reyes has lost the race for the Democratic nomination to retain his congressional seat in far West Texas.
“Reyes lost narrowly to former El Paso city councilman Beto O’Rourke. Reyes appeared to be closing the gap,” but he came up short at the end.

He’s 67 years old, first elected to Congress 1966, and he received a rare primary endorsement last month from none other than The One, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm. So coattails, anybody? Obama with a rare primary endorsement, and as is somewhat common, Obama endorses you and you are toast, like Kathryn’s computer. (interruption) Well, of course among the Democrats. It’s the Democrat primary. Damn right.

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