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RUSH: Colbert King is a columnist at the Washington Post. And he was on the syndicated Inside Washington on Sunday having a panel discussion about the 2012 presidential race, and this is what Colbert “Colby” King said.

KING: Republicans and Fox News painted Barack Obama as the devil incarnate. They had reasons to want to get this son of Karl Marx out of the White House. But they gotta be careful about how they go after Barack Obama. There is a base out there, and if there is a feeling that he is being treated unfairly — if there’s a feeling that they are trying to get rid of Michelle Obama and those two nice kids, cute kids out of the White House and take this job away from him that the American people gave him — there are gonna be people who will come out there and turn out. You can count on the nastiness to fire up the base. The nastiness is gonna come out.

The Limbaughs are just gonna just let it all hang out, and you will see a response to that. There will be a reaction.

RUSH: “The Limbaughs are just gonna let it all hang out…”

The Limbaughs?

This is why I praised my family the other day, folks, when I was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians. My family has stuck by me through it all, no matter what — highs and lows, thick and thin — and now Colbert King has indicted the whole family, saying, “The Limbaughs are just gonna let it all hang out,” and try to take everything away from poor Barack. But we Limbaughs, we had better be careful! We better be careful how we do this. (interruption)

That’s right! The right wing wants to take Barack and Michelle and those two nice kids out of the White House, and we are being warned here by the Washington Post that we’d better be careful about how we go after Obama. We might anger the Obama base. So I think there’s a little bit of an intimidation factor here behind Mr. King’s statement. He’s trying to intimidate me into not being critical of Obama. (interruption) Why should we fear the Obama base? Wait just a second, now.

Snerdley has asked an interesting question: “Why should we fear the Obama base?” I’ve always felt, by the way, that intimidation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Obama base… There’s a column. In fact, I was gonna get into this later, but John Podhoretz at the New York Post has a column. Remember the story last week by Chris Cillizza of Washington Post about Obama losing all these primaries? Well, he’s not losing, but in these Democrat primaries convicted felons are getting 40% of the primary vote and “nobody” is getting 40% of the primary vote.

In Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, all these states, 40% of the voters voted for anybody but Obama on the Democrat side. And Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post analyzes this and says: It has to be racism! It just has to be racism! But John Podhoretz said (paraphrased), “Well, wait a minute. These people all voted for Obama in 2008. What happened between 2008 and now in these places?” These are the white, working-class voters that Thomas B. Edsall and others in the Obama campaign said as recently as last November: We’re not gonna go after them.

We’re not gonna base our reelection on trying to get the votes of white working-class Americans. These are the bitter clingers, the old Reagan Democrats. These are white working Democrats, and Obama’s losing them. He had them in 2008. So Podhoretz kinda blows this whole theory up. It’s a good column. Well, what happened between 2008 and now? These people became racists in four years? Were they not racist when they voted for Obama in 2008? The point is the regime doesn’t even have its own Realville. They can’t even face facts as to why they are losing support from their business.

The Gallup poll is out: 13% of the American population is military, and the vast majority (according to the Gallup poll) of veterans give Romney an eight-point advantage over Obama. Obama and Romney are currently tied at 46% each among all registered voters. (This is not likely voters; it’s registered voters.) But men give Romney an eight-point edge over Obama. Women give Obama a seven-point advantage over Romney right now. And Gallup claims that the male advantage for Romney “is driven almost entirely by veterans.”

“Romney leads by only one point among nonveteran men while he leads Obama by a whopping 28% among men who are military.”

Twenty-eight percent.

“US veterans, about 13% of the adult population and consisting mostly of older men, support Romney over Obama by 58 to 34.” Now, that 13% is interesting. That’s also the black population of the country, and the black population would be part of Obama’s base. This is what Colbert King is warning about. (summarized) “You better be careful! You better be careful! You go after Obama, and you might anger the Obama base.” What? What does that mean? I think I anger the Obama base every day. I think I anger the Obama base and the Democrat base every day.

“You’d better be careful!”

So the efforts here of the Obama camp are full bore, top-drawer, using intimidation.

And I don’t even know what it means!

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