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RUSH: I want to share with you an e-mail that we got at TwoIfByTea. This has been such a rewarding thing for me, I must tell you. Two If By Tea, we had a lot of reasons for doing this. One of the reasons that we named it Two If By Tea, it’s a takeoff on “One if by land, two if by sea,” Paul Revere, America’s founding. The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming! We tried to have some fun with it. We have a sponsor, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. One of the things that we really wanted to do with this, with the website that we have and so forth, is to connect to the nation’s founding and to have the product be tied much as much as it could to the decency and goodness of the country.

We get e-mails from customers like you wouldn’t believe, and they all talk about how much they love the tea. I didn’t bring this up to mention this. I’m telling you, it is the best bottled iced tea in this country ever anywhere. It’s not even close, and I know you would think I would say that, but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t true. I’d talk about anything else. If the tea wasn’t that good, I’d try to cover it up by saying it’s worth it in other ways. But we got an e-mail from a man who won a prize on our most recent sweepstakes. He was a second prize winner, which was the Ride of a Lifetime prize. And it wasn’t much. It was a treasure chest of mementos from Boston, things that have to do with Paul Revere’s ride and the whole founding of the country from there.

And this man took his son, took his family to Washington for the Memorial Day weekend, and they took some pictures. They went to all the places, but they took some pictures in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial, which, that famous picture, planting the flag, is on the rear of our label on Two If By Tea. So they went there and they took pictures, and they’ve got the old Paul Revere hat, this man and his son, and they took pictures of themselves holding the prize, the treasure chest, and a bottle of tea, and his son is holding up a sign that they made: “Two If By Tea, Happy Memorial Day, best wishes.” The man’s name is Bud, and his son’s name is Carter, and they sent this little note to one of… in fact, we’ve got one of the greatest staff members at Two If By Tea. I hope we never lose this woman, Liz Cross. Everybody, every customer loves Liz Cross. I’ve never had an employee get this kind of positive feedback. Not even you, Snerdley. I mean it. Everybody that deals with Liz Cross has to tell us about it.

Dear Liz:
Thank you so much for the Two If By Tea Ride of a Lifetime prize. It arrived Saturday, and it’s awesome. Here are a few pictures of me and my son, Carter. The prize suitcase and the Two If By Tea at the Iwo Jima memorial taken this morning on Memorial Day. Please pass along my sincere thanks to Rush and Kathryn and everybody else at Two If By Tea. Thank you all for supporting our troops and keep up the amazing work. Have a great Memorial Day.

I’m gonna post this, the pictures and so forth, at RushLimbaugh.com. They did all of this on their own. Going to Washington was not part of the prize. It was their own initiative to go to the Iwo Jima Memorial, just like on our label on the bottle. And we didn’t ask ’em for pictures. And we didn’t ask ’em to dress up with these Paul Revere hats, and they didn’t get those as part of the prize. They did this all on their own. And they were not even the grand prize winners. The grand prize winners went to Boston, freedom trail ride, all of that stuff. These were the second-place guys, and they were just ecstatic. So I told Koko to be ready to post that as soon as I talked about it. This is a good occasion, good opportunity here to make that happen. So the man’s name is Bud Harrell and his son, Carter. You guys don’t know who Liz Cross is? That’s right, Liz Cross has never been here. She’s down in the Regus office, is where Liz is.

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