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RUSH: Last night, PBS, Charlie Rose had as his guest a guy named Donald Gogel, president, chief executive officer at private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. Charlie Rose said to Donald Gogel, “You were a strong supporter of the president in 2008. Are you concerned about the nature of the president’s rhetoric on private equity and Bain Capital and Mitt Romney?”

GOGEL: I’m concerned that in the noise, in the tornado of politics (and unfortunately it’s become a tornado) we’re gonna lose what is most essential to this country, which is the ability for individuals to band together, free association, free enterprise, create businesses, and create jobs.

RUSH: Okay, now, here’s a CEO, private equity, big Obama guy 2008, you hear him talk like this. This is my question. See, this is what frustrates me. Why did it take this guy three years to see who Obama is? Let’s be honest, folks. You and I know and knew who Obama was and is four years ago. We knew who he was when he made that speech at the Democrat convention in Boston in 2004. Why? Because we know who liberals are. We know what liberalism is. This is why I always say that if more people would simply look at politics through an ideological lens rather than a party lens… even now, I’m probably not gonna express this very well. I wish I had printed this out, what I’m gonna refer to. I wish I had it in front of me.

It was a piece I was reading last night about presidential politics and the election, and it spoke of Obama and his campaign as a standard, ordinary Democrat Party campaign with all of the assumptions. And the big assumption was that Obama wants jobs created and Obama wants the country to recover from this economic downturn and he’s got some policies. I read this and I’m incredulous. By the way, and people that write this stuff, comment on it, are in the establishment. They’re the supposed smartest people in the room, and even they don’t get it, like this guy didn’t get it, Donald Gogel. And I’m not being critical. I don’t want anybody calling Donald Gogel and telling him that Rush Limbaugh’s ripping him. It’s not what I’m doing. I’m just incredulous. This Gogel guy is obviously very smart. He voted for Obama.

I could have told him that Obama would create a tornado of politics, that Obama was behind the effort to lose what’s most essential to this country: individuals banding together, free association, free enterprise, create business. I coulda told him just based on what I heard Obama say in private that we had the tape of and in public in campaign speeches, I coulda told him that what was gonna happen has happened. I could have be predicted it for him. He could have, too, if he would have seen Obama as a liberal and not just a Democrat, or worse than a liberal. But the good news is Mr. Gogel has seen it. A lot of people are seeing it. The frustrating thing is that ten years from now this is all gonna happen again, all be repeated. Some brand-new liberal will come along and they’ll say the same things they said about Obama. “Unlike anybody we’ve ever seen, smart, smooth, educated, Harvard, unifier.”

It will be the same load of crap, and everybody will fall for it, knowing full well what Obama was. Just other Democrat. This Democrat may work out. And yet if these people had the ability to see Obama not as a Democrat, but as a liberal, they would have never taken a chance on the guy, knowing full well what his attitude is about private equity. I don’t know, maybe Obama’s lying to these people when he’s raising money from ’em, I don’t know. But I have to tell you, I was incredulous over this, as you would be if you ran into somebody who thinks two plus two is five. Well, that’s the way I am when people don’t see liberals for who they are. That’s the way I am, because it’s so abundantly clear to me. I’m concerned that in the noise, a tornado of politics, that we’re gonna lose what is most essential. He’s responding to a question about Obama’s attacks on private equity, which is his business. So here’s the next bite. Donald Gogel, CEO, private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.

Charlie Rose says, “You told me in a Businessweek interview, when I asked you, that you were a strong supporter of Obama — and then you had this change. Were you now trending to supporting Governor Romney?”

GOGEL: (whispering) I believe that a number of the policies that Governor Romney is proposing are pro-growth. Uh, we’d like to see a lot more. It’s a long time between now and the election. I think we’ll see more about the policies for job formation, about tax reform and a variety of other things. But right now I am disappointed that President Obama’s —

ROSE: (whispering) You think right now Governor Romney is better for the economy and for business than President Obama?

GOGEL: I do.

ROSE: And you’re more likely to support Governor Romney?

GOGEL: I am.

RUSH: No, no, that’s great. Now, don’t misunderstand. This is wonderful. Maybe I’m living a pipe dream. See, I don’t think I’m that smart. I think every would be at least as smart as I am when it comes to liberals. I’m not kidding. Spotting liberals and… For God’s sakes, what was the Great Society? What the War on Poverty? Show me where it’s ever worked. I know that half the country’s getting checks. And I know that 88 million Americans are not working but they’re eating, and it’s a statistic that worries me.

It’s quite telling that 88 million are not working but they’re eating.

I understand this. I understand all of it. But I’m not… (interruption) No! (sigh) I want them to have more than what they’re eating! I don’t want to have ’em have to eat food stamp potato chips and whatever — or maybe they’re getting Dom Perignon. Hell, I don’t know. I want them to be able to provide as much for themselves as they want, not have to depend on meager handouts. But I look at the lie of the 1980s and everybody who lived through the eighties knows full well what happened.

Yet they’re able to be convinced that it was all a lie and that this is the way to go? I’m telling you, I’m stupefied. It’s never worked anywhere! Liberalism, socialism, they have to build walls to keep people in the country! You have to have an expanding government and be dictating to people what they can and can’t do for these “wonderful programs” to work. These are smart people that run these private equity firms. Look, a lot of these private equity guys on the Republican side, I know are just as dense when it comes to ideological politics.

To them it’s all Republican versus Democrat.

That’s why they all supported McCain.

“He’s the Republican.”

I’d tell ’em what my problems with him were and it was like talking to a brick wall. They didn’t get it. These are the people who fall for this notion, “We gotta compromise, gotta bring everyone together!” Hell, at this golf tournament I was talking to a guy. He said, “The biggest problem we have, Rush, is we gotta make everybody Americans again. We gotta bring people together.” I said, “Aw, crap,” except I didn’t say “crap;” I said something else.

And I got up, and I went back to the lavatory, and I practically threw up.

“Gotta bring people together,” my ass!

We have got to defeat liberals, so that guys like Mr. Gogel don’t make the mistake of voting for ’em and learning through actual experience about his company being brought to its knees that he shouldn’t have. (groans)

I don’t know.

To hell with it.


RUSH: Folks, don’t misunderstand me here. I, of course, would love everybody come together. I love unity. I’d love it if everybody got along. But I live in Realville. It’s not gonna happen. It’s never happened. It’s never been the case in human history. The country has never been unified. Even in the days of the founding there were people that wanted to stop it. And after we were founded, and after the Constitution was ratified, there were people that set out to undermine it.

We’ve never been unified! I would love everybody to come together and understand the perils of liberalism. I would love that, but I know it’s not going to happen. What then needs to be done is to keep them in a permanent minority so that they’re always losing elections and kept away from power. I don’t want to be unified with people who are diametrically opposed. The kind of country we have matters to me; it’s one of the most important things.

Anyway, we have one more sound bite from Mr. Gogel, Donald Gogel. He’s the president and CEO of a private equity firm. He’s just said to Charlie Rose he’s supporting Romney, believes Romney is much better for job creation and the economy and for business. So Charlie says, “Well, President Obama was here in New York. He went to see some people in the very business that you’re in and raise money from them. When he comes to raise money, what does he say?”

GOGEL: I can tell you that a number of the people surrounding the president that are trying to gain support of Wall Street — people in the financial community and the broader business community, so that’s Main Street as well as Wall Street — have asked people for a little more forbearance. That we should just recognize this is typical politics and that things will settle down and we’ll get a more measured approach to all of these issues.

RUSH: So what Mr. Gogel is saying is that Obama’s minions said, “Look, we have to say this stuff. We have to attack private equity. We have to attack you. But understand it’s just politics. When we win the election, it’s cool.” It’s just like he told Dmitry Mededev, “Hey, tell Vlad I’ll be able to get rid of the nukes after I win. I’ll have more flexibility.” Now it’s, “You private equity guys gotta understand that I have to hit you. I have to criticize you. It’s the only way I can get reelected. It’s not gonna be bad. We’ll work together after the election, but I gotta say these things.”

Well, hello?

This is one of the reasons people hate politics.

‘Cause Obama was basically telling them, “Look, guys, I have to lie. My base is so stupid they hate your guts, and I gotta make ’em think that I do, too. But hang with me. How about that?”


RUSH: Okay, so Mr. Gogel of the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, says that when Obama’s minions come to raise money they wink and they say, “Look, we don’t really hate you. We just have to say we do. We’ve gotta do these things to get elected. We have to criticize what you do. After we get elected, it’s all gonna be fine.” So essentially Obama’s minions say to the private equity guys, “My base is so stupid, they hate your guts, and I’ve gotta make ’em think I hate your guts too in order to get elected. But after I get elected, it’s gonna be cool.” He said the same thing to Dmitry Medvedev. “Look, tell Vladimir after the election I’ll have a lot more flexibility on getting rid of nukes.” Thing is, he was not lying to Medvedev. He was lying to the fat cats. He is lying to the private equity guys.

Every syllable he says is the truth when he talks about hating people who pursue profit, because this guy is running against capitalism, in the midst of an economic recession. How bizarre is this? To run against capitalism when your country is in the middle of a recession, when you’re trying to get the economy to expand, and when you say you’re trying to get businesses to hire. It is perverse. It’s perverse unless you don’t want the economy to expand, unless you want to prolong the misery in order to pass more safety net welfare funding. We all know Obama wants to expand the government. The fact that 88 million Americans are not working, but that they are eating, Obama loves, because he’s the one getting credit for feeding them, in his mind. And not only are they eating, they’ve got their televisions and they’ve got their cell phones, and they’ve got cable. And a number of these 88 million who aren’t working but have food, have cable, have cell phones, and have flat screens, may be saying, “What more do I need?”

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