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RUSH: Since we started Rush Babes for America on Facebook, Facebook.com/RushBabesforAmerica. This is a wildly successful Facebook group of conservative women, and, not incidentally, conservative men that appreciate conservative women. My e-mail has been deluged with one question, and I mean deluged. Everybody wants to know how they can display their status as a Rush Babe to the world. They sign up, but then what do they do? What do they do? How do they show everybody that they are a proud Rush Babe and drive liberals crazy?

And I’m not kidding on the number of these e-mails. There have been thousands of them. And they’ve been split between asking for bumper stickers and T-shirts. So we are reacting to popular demand. I made an executive decision. I drove the merchandise guys crazy by telling them that we are gonna give away bumper stickers free with the purchase of T-shirts. See, I like giving stuff away. The merchandise guys don’t like giving anything away. But I am the grand poobah. I’m the head honcho. So if they want to sell T-shirts, I say, “Fine, you’re gonna give away bumper stickers at the same time.” That’s what we’re gonna do.

We have four designs that are now up and available at the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com. We already have something that you can get. It’s our iconic “Rush Babe on Board” warning sign, you know, like “Baby on Board”? Those things always offended me. I first saw a “Baby on Board” sign when I was in California working in Sacramento. I pulled up behind somebody at a stoplight who had a “Baby on Board,” sign, I said, “What, am I supposed to be extra careful here?” If there was no baby in there, I could be less careful and maybe get involved in an accident, but since there’s a “Baby on Board” I’m supposed to be extra careful? What’s that?

That was my first reaction to it. But I eventually got with the flow and we have Rush Babe on Board warning signs already in the EIB Store. Now we have it on a T-shirt and for those of you who like poking fun at the NAGs as much as I do, we have a brilliantly executed T-shirt that now says: “Not NOW. I Have a Headache.” NOW meaning the National Organization for Women. So all of you Rush Babes who have signed up and you want something to irritate the liberals, or you want something to display your status, we’ve got it. A T-shirt that says, “Not NOW. I Have a Headache.” And each one comes with a free matching bumper sticker.

So whether you are out walking around or in your car, you can drive the libs absolutely crazy and remind them that their false values are not yours. It’s all in the store, the EIB Store. We don’t talk about the EIB Store much on this program, and you know why? I’m not comfortable, but it’s there. And there’s always stuff, there’s always merchandise in the EIB Store. Our Club Gitmo line is still there, thriving merchandise. That’s why we’re interested in the place staying open, ’cause of our thriving licensed merchandise business involving Club Gitmo. So just go to RushLimbaugh.com and click on the EIB Store. It’s up there on the homepage, and it’s on Facebook, and everywhere else later today, tweet it, make it widely available. So “Not NOW. I Have a Headache” and a bumper sticker that says the same thing.

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