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RUSH: Sparta, Tennessee, back to the phones. This is Will, and I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Howdy, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you. How are you?

CALLER: Pretty good. Been working, busy lately.

RUSH: Been busy?


RUSH: That’s better than being bored.

CALLER: I know it.

RUSH: You’re 17, it says here. Is that right?

CALLER: Yes, sir, it is.

RUSH: Seventeen years old. Well, I’m flattered that you are listening to the program at age 17. That’s cool.

CALLER: Yeah, I’ve been listening since I was nine. I just wanted to call you and tell you what an impact you’ve made on my life. I’ve been into politics since I was probably about 12 and —

RUSH: What was it, your parents listened and you heard it that way?

CALLER: Yep. They’ve been listening since as long as I can remember, but I started really listening and comprehending at nine.

RUSH: Wow. I started comprehending around nine or ten, the Kennedy campaign, Kennedy-Nixon, ’60. I was nine years old. That’s my first real active memory of comprehending what was going on, or at least being at the outset of it, so I know exactly how you feel. It’s exciting, isn’t it —


RUSH: — when you understand this stuff and get a feel for what’s happening and can explain it to people?

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of friends, you know, and sometimes they’re kind of more toward the Republican establishment, and I try to keep them back on the conservative trail, using a lot of your arguments, and you just really help and all the things you say on the radio and —

RUSH: Well, that’s cool. That’s awesome.


RUSH: Do you succeed?

CALLER: Generally. Sometimes. There’s a few who don’t like to listen all the time, but —

RUSH: Where is this, at school where this happens?

CALLER: Well, actually I’m homeschooled, but there’s a lot of friends I have outside of, you know, just —

RUSH: How many of your friends — you’re 17 — how many of your friends are interested in politics, affairs of state, that kind of thing?

CALLER: There’s a couple in particular, but actually there’s a few I brought some Limbaugh Letters that I’ve got, and I let ’em read through those. And they actually read those and they got a lot more interested in it and I’ve —

RUSH: I need to hire you as a PR agent. Are you making copies of the Limbaugh Letter, or are you giving them yours?

CALLER: No, actually what I do is my grandpa gets ’em, and then he gives ’em to me and I give ’em out to them, you know, loan ’em out.

RUSH: Well, I mean, you are the kind of guy, believe me, that people in this audience love hearing, because you’re the future. When people like you call at your age, what we all hope is that you are able to maintain your interest in this, and we all hope that by the time you go away to college, some professor’s not gonna get a hold of you and turn you into a commie guy.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Actually, I’d like to go to Hillsdale. I just took their course on the Constitution, their free Constitution course.

RUSH: Wow! My gosh, you are a devotee. I don’t think the left can get you if you’ve done that. If you took the Hillsdale course, we own you.


RUSH: That’s cool.

CALLER: I don’t intend to turn.

RUSH: That’s good. That’s good. Well, look. I want to make you a subscriber so you have your own copy of the Limbaugh Letter.


RUSH: So you don’t have to wait for grandpa. Do you have a computer? Do you surf the Web?


RUSH: Okay. Then I want to also make you a complimentary member of my website, Rush 24/7.


RUSH: It’s the least I could do. What kind of computer do you have?

CALLER: It’s just a regular computer.

RUSH: Yeah, you’re not proud of that computer, I can tell.


RUSH: Well, if you had your druthers, would you want a laptop computer, or say an iPad? I know it’s a tough call. I know it’s a tough decision.

CALLER: I don’t know. Probably an iPad. That would be fine. I never had one.

RUSH: Have you ever used one?

CALLER: I have not. I know a friend who does. I’ve seen it.

RUSH: Well, we’ll fix that. All right, so I’m gonna — you want a black one? Well, wait a minute, do we have any black ones left back there? Engraved? I don’t think we do. I think the only engraved ones we’ve got are white, but that’s okay. You’re a beggar, you can’t be a chooser.


RUSH: I’m just teasing. You haven’t begged for anything. I want you to hang on after we go to the break here and Mr. Snerdley will get your address and we’ll send you an iPad. We’ll make you a subscriber to the other stuff, too.

CALLER: Okay, I can’t thank you enough, sir.

RUSH: No, I appreciate that. You’ve made my day here. We get calls like this from 17 year olds, and from people, “How do you put up with it?” You know, stuff like this. Will here in Sparta, Tennessee, makes it all worth it. There’s nothing better than this. Will, thanks very much, and hold on. Do not hang up the phone.

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