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RUSH: There’s talk about Bite Me being thrown off the ticket.

We’ve talked about this before. The news is that it’s gonna be Hillary. They’re gonna put Hillary on the ticket, that Bill Clinton wants Hillary back on the ticket. Hillary’s tired of not wearing makeup. She wants to wear makeup again, being on the ticket would mean makeup, hairstyling, all that kind of thing. The theory is that you get rid of Biden, you put Hillary on the ticket and you immediately take care of whatever erosion there has been from Obama on the female side. And don’t doubt me. There has been some erosion on the female side in polling data for Obama. Hillary would take care of that. I, frankly, would not be bothered if they do this. I know a lot of people on my side of the aisle are still very much afraid of the Clintons. In fact, Romney is mentioning Clinton a lot now, and he’s doing so in contrast to Obama. He’s comparing Clinton, who was, by comparison, responsible in his spending and his budgeting and so forth.

It’s pretty clever what Romney is doing. And Hillary on the ticket would explain Bill’s sudden willingness to campaign for Obama. Clinton is out saying all kinds of things that are not helpful to Obama, but he is campaigning for him, which makes sense if there is a behind-the-scenes undercurrent, an attempt to get Hillary on the vice presidential ticket. So a lot of people on my side of the aisle still fear the Clintons just like they fear the Democrats in general. And I would like to offer a soothing note on this point. Hillary’s numbers are at 65% right now, and this is one of the reasons Democrats are thinking Hillary might be a good addition to the ticket, and one of the reasons why Republicans are a little frightened of her.

But the reason she’s at 65% is because she’s not talking. I’m not trying to be funny, even though I’m one of the nation’s most naturally funny people, not trying to be funny here. The fact of the matter is that if you go back and look, Mrs. Clinton’s poll numbers go up or down in proportion to how much she says. The more she talks the lower her numbers go. The less she speaks, the higher her numbers go. Well, if she’s put on the ticket, she’s going to have to speak a lot. There’s also the Michelle (My Belle) Obama factor if you put Hillary on the ticket. So it’s not a done deal, but the undercurrent, maybe I should say the undertow because it involves Biden, is increasing in intensity, and the desire to get rid of Biden is becoming much more obvious.

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