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RUSH: We are in Los Angeles today, folks, and it’s a thrill and a delight to be with you. Broadcast excellence, hosted by me, the Doctor of Democracy, America’s Truth Detector, real anchorman and all of that. We’re here. But remember, folks, as long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where “here” is. We happen to be in Los Angeles today, not going to be here tomorrow.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have a biannual (for those of you in Rio Linda, that’s every other year) charity fundraising event involving a golf tournament, and that is tomorrow at an undisclosed location. I’ll tell you about it when it’s over so that the NAGs don’t show up at the golf course. You know, all seven of ’em showed up outside our bustling affiliate, WMAL in Washington. What day did they show? Was it Friday? Seven. And they said the crowd was 50,000. I kid you not, folks. There were seven NAGs that showed up outside our DC affiliate to protest the fact that I’m alive, and then on the radio, and then talking about women.

There was a reporter there from Fox News who said, “Well, you got seven people here. Rush has a Rush Babes for America Facebook page. It’s got about three times the number of people on your Facebook page. What do you do make of that?” And the NAG said, “Well, you know, Rush tries to make everything about him.” I was minding my own business. They made the day about me. But only seven of ’em showed up. And if I announce where we’re gonna be tomorrow, who knows, we might get ten. I just don’t want to cause them all that trouble. So I’ll tell you Wednesday where it all was.


RUSH: Hi. How are you? Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair.

All right, it was Friday. The NAGs had everybody believing that a major, major protest was going to happen. It was the National Association of Gals, the NAGs. That’s our affectionate term (and I mean that: affectionate) for the National Organization for Women. It was the NAGs working in conjunction with Media Matters for America to finally, once-and-for-all get me off of the radio. It’s not enough for them to turn it off if they don’t like it. Nope! They have to get me off the air and claim, at the same time, that all women agree with them and want me off the air. I’m just too mean of a big, bad brute — and I have to be fired, thrown away, discarded, gotten rid of. So they had this “big” protest outside our affiliate in Washington, WMAL.

Here’s Alisyn Camerota Sunday morning on Fox & Friends weekend.

CAMEROTA: Only seven females showed up to participate in the National Organization for Women’s protest against Rush Limbaugh. This picture snapped of the so-called massive demonstration in front of Limbaugh’s affiliate station in Washington, DC. The advocacy group is calling for advertisers to pull the plug on the conservative talk show host.

RUSH: Why is it even news? This has been my… Not an argument. For my whole career, the NAGs would call a protest. They’ve never had more than 300,000 members. They call a protest and 10 or 15 women show up and there’s NBC. There’s all of the networks. Seven women show up! The networks were there. Seven women. A Rush to Excellence performance in… I forget where it was, maybe Louisiana somewhere. It had two protesters outside, and that was the picture on the front page of the paper the next day: A protest involving a mother and daughter with one sign. There were 1,800 people inside, two woman outside, and that made the news. So what happened here was that Daily Caller sent a reporter over there, Caroline May, to interview the NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson about the NAG protest against me outside WMAL.

And during the interview, Erin Matson of the NAGs said this…

MATSON: He’s had a history since he’s been on the air about… Since he came on, you know, in the late eighties, 1988, of going after women, of going after people of color, of going after gay people. So, you know, it’s really… It’s… This is… We’re supporting a community response.

RUSH: Of seven people.

What does “going after” mean?

Going after women, going after people of color, going after gay people, whatever. So then The Daily Caller asked: “Did you happen to see his new Facebook page he launched as a direct response to your campaign, the Rush Babes for America? I believe he termed it ‘The National Organization of Rush Babes.’ I’m a wondering if you had any thoughts on that, and the 60-plus thousand women who have signed it.”

MATSON: Of course, Rush wants to make this all about him. Honestly, this is about our community and what’s decent speech and really standing up for good treatment of women. And so… So… I… I’m not gonna fall into his trap of: Let’s make this all about me. It’s not about him. The era of his brand of thinking is over, and we’re moving on.

RUSH: See, I’m minding my own business. They announce a protest of me. They announce their objective is to get me thrown off of the air. They announce that they have got to get rid of me. And somehow I am making it “all about me.” (interruption) Well, in their world, I guess it is logic that somehow I am making this “all about me.” But what am I protesting? They are protesting me, and I’m making this about me? How does that work? (interruption) You think that’s it? It’s just I’m a man; therefore I am to blame? I guess.

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