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RUSH: “A YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely.

“The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, ‘DidnÂ’t Obama bully someone, though?’ The teacher says: ‘Not to my knowledge.’ The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. ‘Stop, no, because there is no comparison,’ screams the teacher. Romney is ‘running for president. Obama is the president.’ The student responds that both are ‘just men.’

“The teacher yells — literally yells — that Obama is ‘due the respect that every other president is due Â… Listen,’ she continues, ‘let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.’ She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it’s disrespectful for him to even debate about Romney and Obama. The student says that he can say what he wants. ‘Not about him, you wonÂ’t,’ says the teacher. The teacher then tells the student — wrongly — that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president. ‘Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president?’

“The student says that it would violate First Amendment rights to jail someone for such sentiments. ‘You would have to say some pretty fÂ’d up crap about him to be arrested,’ says the student. ‘They cannot take away your right to have your opinion Â… They canÂ’t take that away unless you threaten the president.'” The student knows more than the teacher. Well, who knows what the teacher really knows. The teacher might know that she’s just full of BS here, but is simply espousing her view. Maybe she loves Obama so much, respects Obama so much, that not in her classroom are you gonna criticize Obama, and it’s criminal to do so. She might think that it is.

If I can read on a tech blog in the year 2012, “Everybody knows meat kills us,” my friends, anything’s possible in terms of education, what today’s teachers have been taught, and what they are imparting. The student ought to be teaching this class. The junior in high school knows more about things, knows more about the Constitution than this teacher does. Now, I ask you, is the teacher a liberal? Is the teacher nonpartisan? Is the teacher apolitical? No way. This teacher is a full-fledged leftist. There’s no question about it. And sounds very much like a jerk to boot.

“The school district classified the exchange — which is obviously just another case of a pro-Obama teacher shoveling her views down studentsÂ’ throats — a ‘learning experience.'”

It’s just a teachable moment. Now, Breitbart news, which published the story in the first place, “has received information that the YouTube video was shot by a friend of the bullied student. According to our source, the student had asked his friend to record the discussion to ‘prove to his parents what he has been trying to tell them for some time. The teacher in this video has a long history of pushing a liberal agenda, by shouting down students. She is very intolerant of other points of view that she does not share. The atmosphere at this school is not very conducive to opposing views,'” just like it isn’t anywhere where liberals are involved.

You have to wonder, is this teacher isolated? How many other teachers have been doing stuff like this the past few years? I wonder how many union bosses have said things like that the last few years. Intolerance is liberalism! They run around and claim that they’re the most tolerant, the most open-minded, the most compassionate — and none of it’s true. It’s all the exact opposite. Barack Obama is the epitome of intolerance!

“Catholic Church, you don’t want to pass out condoms? Screw you! You’re gonna pass out birth control pills and you’re gonna make abortion available because I’m gonna make you.”

Obama’s tolerant?


Obama is intolerant!

You can’t have a one-size-fits-all government without intolerance.

You cannot have freedom of choice when the federal government dictates details of your life right down to what you eat, what you can drive, and the insurance policy that you will buy. Liberals demand conformity to what they believe. They demand it! They are not tolerant of anything else. They want to shut down anything they don’t like. Like I say: “If a liberal doesn’t believe in God, then get rid of any evidence of other people’s beliefs. Nativity scene, Christmas tree, whatever. Get rid of it!”

You and I are not that way.

If we don’t believe in something or eat something we just don’t believe it or buy it. What you do is your own business. Conservatism respects the individual — and, by definition, conservatism is what’s tolerant. You and I are who is tolerant. It has to be! If political and economic freedoms are to be respected and encouraged, we have to be tolerant. Freedom is based on tolerance. Soft tyranny is based on compliance. Now, this bully public teacher in North Carolina…

Actually this story is about a courageous student, if you think about it. The story is about a courageous, informed student who stood up to a bully and was smart enough to get it all on tape. And look who comes out the winner here. A student outs a bully who happens to work for the government and it’s now national news. This kid’s gotta be a Rush Baby. The parents have to be Rush listeners. I don’t know if they’ll ever admit it, but I just have a hunch that this has to be.

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