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RUSH: Fox News came out with their poll yesterday — has Obama up. Dick Morris went on Fox and said the Fox poll is wrong. Dick Morris said the Fox poll is full of it. I have that sound bite, too.

I’m a powerful, influential member of the media, I got an advance copy of the Fox poll, and it shows Obama up with women like, I forget, 15 points, and Obama up over Romney by 10? So last night, O’Reilly had Dick Morris on. Question: “If the election were held today, 46 for Obama, 39 Romney, at seven points. And then the women is 10. The margin in women that Obama has is 10. And O’Reilly says, “I asked the Fox News people about this, and they said, at this point because it’s six months away, they want to get the mood of the country, and they went registered voters rather than likely voters. It’s a bigger tent.” Here’s Morris’ reply.

MORRIS: It generally doesn’t make sense to do a survey where 40% of the people you are interviewing are not going to vote. There is a real purpose to surveying adults, registered voters. If you want to know how the election is going to come out, don’t pay attention to that.

RUSH: Well, so Dick Morris has basically told the Fox audience to pay no attention to the Fox poll. Because it’s of registered voters, not likely voters, and that means the sample is made up of 40% of people who are not gonna vote. So Morris wasn’t through. He had a little bit more to say.

MORRIS: I did a poll. Six thousand interviews with likely voters from May 5th to May 11th, and margin of error less than half of 1%. Every one of them a likely voter. I have Obama behind Romney 52 to 42.

RUSH: So Dick Morris goes on O’Reilly and debunks the Fox poll and touts his own. By the way, the Fox poll is the only one out there — even the New York Times/CBS, ABC/Washington Post, NBC/Wall Street Journal, the Fox poll is the only one that has Obama up. Morris was clear.

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