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RUSH: How about Obama? He appeared on The View yesterday, Barbara Walters’ show with Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Whoopi Goldberg. And who’s the other one? Sherri somebody. And he was asked whether he thought the upcoming election will be tight. He said, “When your name is Barack Obama, it’s always tight.” And so Joy Behar pipes in, “Yeah, Barack Hussein Obama,” meaning that there’s so much bigotry and there’s so much bias. His name makes every election tight. It’s always a toss-up, because there’s so much hate for Barack Obama because of his name.

Remember in 1996 Obama managed to get several opponents kicked off the ballot. He ran unopposed. In his 2000 race for Congress, Obama ran against Bobby Rush in a Democrat primary. Rush received 61% of the vote. Obama received 30% of the vote. In 2004, Obama ran for the US Senate primary against Blair Hull. For some odd reason, Mr. Hull’s divorce records were unsealed. Obama took 54% of the vote. Obama in the general election squared off against a Republican Jack Ryan. Somehow his divorce records unsealed, and Ryan dropped out, and they sent Alan Keyes in there. Obama won 70% of the vote. In 2008, Obama won the presidency by achieving 53% against McCain’s 46.

Where are these tight races? All of Obama’s opponents end up having private information about them somehow mysteriously discovered and they end up resigning the race, and he ends up with no opponent. Tight races? So here’s Obama trying to make everybody think there’s so much bigotry and racism aligned against him because of his name, and then you’ve got sponges like Joy Behar agreeing with it just on the premise of it. So Obama both lied and smeared the voters of the country he leads when he says, “When your name’s Barack Obama, it’s always tight.” He’s ripping the people of this country with this comment. It’s offensive, and it is classless, but that’s how Mr. Cool rolls. Accuses Americans of bigotry, the very people who elected him in a practical landslide. Beats McCain 53-46. Yeah, yeah, when your name’s Barack Obama, it’s always tight. It’s never tight.

Gotta take a break. We’ll be back. Don’t go away.

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