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RUSH: The latest Rasmussen poll, Romney 51, Obama 43, North Carolina. That’s where the Democrat National Convention is scheduled. They are pulling ads, not running ads in Missouri. The Obama ad about what Romney did supposedly when he was at Bain, except he wasn’t at Bain, even Democrats are claiming the ad is worthless, misleading, ineffective. That ad is not even gonna be run in Missouri. They’re not gonna buy any time there. So people are wondering, oh, does that mean that Missouri is no longer a swing state? And just to remind you, the DNC is pulling all their money out of Wisconsin in the Walker recall. The DNC is not providing any more money. That is an indication that they think the die is cast.

I don’t want to run the risk here of creating any overconfidence. I really don’t want to do that. I don’t want to do anything that could suppress turnout by making people think, “Well, there’s so much enthusiasm, I don’t have to show up.” I don’t want to do that. But somebody has to tell you because it’s being reported as such the opposite. I’m telling you that Obama is in deep trouble. The Democrat Party is in deep trouble here. And I wouldn’t rule out something happening wherever the Democrat convention is. I don’t know what it would be, but this is not at all where they thought they would be. The problems that they have are not at all the problems they thought they were going to have.

They really believe that they could re-create this whole messianic type mind-set that people had for Obama from 2008. They really thought that they could simply tie Romney to Bush and send people running back to Obama in droves. They are not the smartest people in the world. Liberals, Democrats, strategists are not the smartest people in the world. Now, President Obama can do a lot of things later on in the year. He can forgive student loans, he can pay everybody’s mortgage off, if he wants to. He can pull all kinds of rabbits out of his hat. He could invade Iran. Any number of things. Nothing’s in the bag. I’m just telling you that where they’re sitting right now is not a good place.

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