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RUSH: The New York Times/CBS poll is so bad for Obama. They are really worried in the White House, and it’s not new. They have been worried for a long time. This is not the first CBS/New York Times poll that has bad news for Obama. People have forgotten, two months ago, on the same day, the Washington Post and New York Times both came out with polls, and Obama was at 41% approval in one of them, and he was not doing well with women I think in the Washington Post poll two months ago. And this was right in the middle of the contrived War on Women. And it wasn’t working.

The gay marriage thing isn’t working. Just 7% of the American people, of likely voters, see gay marriage as a top issue in November. He’s raising money with it, but he’s not garnering support. He’s losing support over this. He’s losing support everywhere. There is serious talk now about getting Biden off the ticket and replacing him. The reelect campaign is not at all going the way the professionals, the Obama administration thought it was going to go. And there is genuine discord and upset within all levels of the campaign. Now you’re starting to see in various places in the Drive-By Media, they can’t hide this anymore, they can’t even paper over it very well.

In fact, the New York Times story today on their own poll is so bad that the White House is saying it’s biased, that the sample is not correct. The White House is ripping their own House organ poll today. If the New York Times poll is as bad as they’re reporting, the odds are it’s much worse than that.


RUSH: You talk about campaign problems. Obama has had two times the number of fundraisers that George Bush had at this time, and he didn’t raise anywhere near as much money. Obama has done twice the fundraisers as the hated and the reviled George W. Bush, and he hasn’t raised anywhere near as much money as Bush has. Now, today’s New York Times/CBS poll is bad. But there’s something in it that even CBS and the New York Times are burying. It turns out buried in the numbers is the fact not only is Romney ahead of Obama by three points across the board — oh — let me interrupt myself. I don’t have it in front of me. I forget where I saw it. It was over the weekend. I’ve been cramming show prep. I didn’t get any done yesterday. I was up until three in the morning when I got home last night prepping the program today, and I can’t remember where I saw this, but it was an Electoral College tabulation with Romney over 300 electoral votes, as it looks now.

Now, it’s the only place I’ve seen that, and I can’t recall where it was. It’s an analysis of current polling data. It’s not somebody’s wild guess; it’s not somebody’s expressed hope. But it is right along the lines what Dick Morris is saying that Romney could win in a landslide. I have said that I think it’s possible that Romney could win big just using common sense and looking at how everything is falling apart for Obama. I’ll go through a list of some things here in just a second that will remind you just how bad things are for Obama. But in this New York Times poll, which the Obama White House now says is biased, Romney is up by three. But if you dig deep, buried in the numbers that the New York Times/CBS doesn’t report, Romney is leading Obama among women 49-43, after the contrived War on Women, after the contrived Sandra Fluke thing, after all of these efforts that have been expended to make Obama look like the first female president, the first gay president, the first Jewish president, and they’re doing all of that, by the way.

The Democrats are actually trying to build on Clinton being the first black president. Now, Obama’s the first ever minority president. The Atlantic has a story on this, somewhat of a parody. But it’s because the Democrats are trying to make that case. They look at America, they see groups of people, they see victims, they see oppressed millions. They don’t see people living free, prosperous lives with ambition and desire. They don’t see happiness and contentment. They see people in misery. They see people in poverty. They see people in oppression. They see people being discriminated against. They see people at the risk of dying. They see people at the risk of being injured, and those are the people they’re gunning for in the campaign. They’re trying to make Obama out as the guy who’s gonna save them from their misery, whatever the misery is, and one of the groups that they have attempted to make believe is miserable is women.

Well, guess what? Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page. But in this New York Times/CBS poll, let me read this again. Romney is ahead of Obama by three points. He’s leading Obama among women. It’s now 46-44. Obama had a 49-43% lead among women, and now it’s flipped, 46-44, women prefer Romney. That’s an 8% decrease in support for Obama. So Obama’s War on Women has backfired big time. I can’t think of a war that’s backfired more since the Arabs said to each other back in 1967, “Let’s wipe Israel off the map.” That didn’t go too well, and neither is Obama’s War on Women. And our Rush Babes for America page at Facebook, I mean I knew it was gonna be powerful, but I had no idea it would be this powerful this soon. Over 61,000 friends. We mentioned this once a day where people can go and sign up.

But for some reason neither the New York Times nor CBS News seems to have noticed, the breakdown of the women’s vote in their poll. They’re not reporting it. They’re burying it. I haven’t seen it mentioned. Not even over at PMSNBC are they talking about this. They’re not interested in how Obama’s faring with women, just isn’t newsworthy anymore because he’s losing. Romney is ahead, up three overall, up two 46-44 with women, but just in the last month Obama was up 49-43 with women. And these people live and die by these polls. They are their reality. They use these polls to make news. They use these polls to influence public opinion, not reflect it, and that means that all this is a double whammy.

For two months or longer now — time is flying by — this War on Women was designed to get every woman in America hating Republicans and hating Romney, loving Obama. Obama is the guy’s gonna protect their birth control pills, gonna protect their right to abortion, gonna protect them against these predatory men, which is every man. And they have had polls. They’ve done news stories. They’ve done television reports. Everything is designed to shape public opinion the way Obama wants it. And then they go out and do a poll to see how successfully they have shaped opinion, they find out they failed. So it makes sense that they don’t report it. You have to dig deep in the New York Times/CBS poll internals to find these numbers.


RUSH: The New York Times headline on their poll story: “ObamaÂ’s Switch on Same-Sex Marriage Stirs Skepticism.” That is one of the biggest understatements. “ObamaÂ’s Switch on Same-Sex Marriage Stirs Skepticism.” This is how they begin the story: “Most Americans suspect that President Obama was motivated by politics, not policy, when he declared his support for same-sex marriage, according to a poll released on Monday, suggesting that the unplanned way it was announced shaped public attitudes.”

The unplanned way it was announced made these people skeptical? I think it was the all-too-obvious way it was planned that shaped public attitudes. That’s what the poll says, that people thought this whole thing was a political game, that it didn’t reflect Obama’s real views on gay marriage because the people who pay attention, he’s been all over the board on this. He’s been for it, then he was against it. Nobody evolves to a position, and certainly doesn’t take hours, days, and weeks to do it, and then when they come to a position, “Obama’s evolving is complete.” The media was actually reporting, “Obama has evolved, and all of a sudden now Obama is for gay marriage.” Even supporters of gay marriage know that what Obama said didn’t change anything. But the respondents in the New York Times poll have concluded that it was all politics.

None of it was real. None of it represented what Obama really believed. And this is what they focus on. Now, seven percent of registered voters see gay marriage as a top issue in November. Seven percent. Single digital is all. Only seven percent see it that way. This poll, the New York Times/CBS poll, shows it’s the economy that is far and away the most important issue for American voters. This is what Obama can’t escape. He can try to escape it with gay marriage. He can try to escape it with all these other distractions, but he can’t escape it, and he can’t blame it on Bush because people are living it.


RUSH: Sixty-two percent in the New York Times poll list the economy as the most important issue in the upcoming elections. And most of those say the economy’s in bad shape. Seven percent say they care about gay marriage, as the top issue. Seven percent. Now, admit it, folks. You’re not surprised at that, are you? You are? See, I’m not. No, no. I’m not surprised at all. I know this country. Don’t doubt me.

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