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RUSH: The Indiana primary got lot of attention this week for a great, great, great outcome. In fact, Dingy Harry is so sad that Lugar is gone. Yes, I’ve got a sound bite here. Grab sound bite 15. Audio sound bite 15. Dingy Harry, a montage lamenting defeat of Richard Lugar.

REID: (whispering) I’m worried when I see dedicated patriots like Senator Lugar drummed out by Tea Party zealots for being too willing to cooperate. But that’s what happened on Tuesday. I worry when I hear a candidate for the US Senate campaigning against bipartisanship and compromise between the two parties. That’s really what he did. … These days, the far-right, Tea Party wing of the Senate Republican caucus — I used to just talk about the “House wing of the Tea Party,” but it’s over here now — who think that everything has to be a fight. Everything. So we’re gonna have to have a vote on this rather than do it by unanimous consent.

RUSH: Oh, my heart bleeds! That’s Harry Reid, who wouldn’t know bipartisanship if it slapped him upside the head. Anyway, Lugar loses and it’s a big, big discussion point.

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