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RUSH: Breaking news (of sorts) from Fox. It’s Ed Henry reporting that Obama is going to come out of the closet, maybe, on gay marriage. Megyn Kelly just spoke with Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry about Obama and the White House policy on gay marriage. Megyn Kelly said, “What’s going on? Does anybody there have the slightest clue what’s going on?”

HENRY: We have some new information. As you know, the president, uh, said in December of 2010 that he was “evolving” on this issue. We’re getting new information now suggesting that he is ready perhaps to complete that evolution. I just spoke to a source close to the president, a Democratic adviser outside the White House who told me the president is expected to go further than he ever has before on this issue. The venue is going to be a last-minute interview the White House granted, uh, to ABC News, ABC’s Robin Roberts. Now, I want to caution that I’ve talked to two other sources close to the president who are suggesting that, uh, you know, this could be short of a full-fledged endorsement of — of same-sex marriage.

RUSH: Oh, my God, they’re excited over nothing! “He might come out of the closet, maybe. He might do it with Robin Roberts, but he might not. The White House is not sure.” What kind of…? See, this is another thing. The American people are not idiots. What is this “evolving on the issue” of gay marriage? What is that? The American people know what it is. It’s gutlessness. Everybody knows Obama is in favor of it, and everybody knows he doesn’t have the courage to say so.

Because everybody knows that the vast majority of the people of the country are opposed to it, and therefore it will not help his reelection. That’s why they send Biden out. So now they’re doing this dance. “Obama’s evolving.” What does that mean? He’s really thinking about it? How long you have to think about it? How old is he? What’s happened in the last three days, three years, three months to change his mind on this?

What happened last night?

What happened this morning?

What the heck?

Nobody’s fooled by any of this. This “evolving” business, all it means is they’re trying to come up with the slickest spin to explain him all of a sudden changing his mind and coming out in favor of gay marriage. And they’re coming up with a bunch of different trials and they’re testing them. They’re waiting for focus group reaction. They haven’t found one that works yet. That’s all it means. They haven’t found a way to send him out there to say (Obama impression), “You know what? The evolution is complete, aaaaand I have change my mind. I am now in favor of gay marriage.” Well, what’s changed? They don’t have the answers to that. They don’t have a way of credibly doing this. So they want credit. They’re trying to get credit for Obama. They’re trying to convey that he’s changed his mind without his having to say so. Don’t doubt me. I know these people, folks, like every square inch of my glorious naked body.

I know these guys. I know how they think. I know what they’re gonna do before they do it. And all this is, is an attempt to give a wink and a nod and a silent signal. It’s almost like a secret decoder ring signal to the progressives and the Democrat voters. “Hey, psst! Look, look! He’s for gay marriage, but we’re not gonna say it. That’s what this ‘evolving’ business means. He’s getting close, so close.”

But they don’t want him to have to say it because then they can’t control it after that. They don’t want him to have to say it.


RUSH: It’s official. Obama has announced he supports gay marriage after talks with his wife and daughters, gay service members, and others. “Pink smoke is rising from the White House chimney.”

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