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RUSH: So we have the new French socialist, Monsieur Hollande, and this guy hates the rich. This guy despises the rich. This guy has promised tax increases on the rich and to hell with austerity. We’re not cutting spending. We’re raising taxes and we’re gonna spend and spend and that’s what got him elected. The Obama regime is privately very happy, but they’re also very concerned. They don’t want this guy to implement any of this stuff yet. Have you heard this? Because it’s gonna destroy the French economy, and they don’t want that to happen before the election. They want this guy to wait until after November to destroy the French economy so that it won’t hurt Obama. I’m not making it up.

“President Obama’s spokesman warned the new socialist president-elect of France not to implement his campaign agenda of ending austerity measures, indicating that such a reversal could damage the world economy. ‘A balanced approach . . . Both fiscal consolidation and efforts to boost the recovery is the right approach for Europe,’ White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters [yesterday]. ‘That’s an approach that he thinks ensures that the recovery continues while putting our fiscal house in order.'” So Jay Carney yesterday said to the new French president, (imitating Carney) “For the sake of the world economy, do not raise taxes and increase spending, yet.” The exact Obama agenda. The precise agenda Obama’s campaigning on. The agenda this guy won on, now Obama, via the spokeskid, Jay Carney, is asking the French — I’m not making this up, folks — is asking the French president not to do this. Seriously, stop and think of this.

Look, I know I’m a naturally funny person and you’re laughing. I mean, it’s sadly funny, I can’t deny. But, folks, this new lunatic in France — by the way, there isn’t any austerity. Can somebody point out to me the austerity in the European Union? Where is this cutting and spending? It isn’t happening. There is no austerity. All these guys, like Monsieur Hollande, run for office opposed to all the austerity, the spending cuts, and there aren’t any spending cuts. There’s lots of talk of spending cuts. There haven’t been any spending cuts in the European Union. Greece hasn’t cut any spending. They’re being bailed out, for crying out loud. What does that mean? The spending continues. Spain hasn’t cut any spending. And, by the way, don’t forget, cuts in liberalism are actually increases that are smaller than what was hoped for.

So while all this talk of austerity’s going on, actual spending is being increased. But here’s Obama, who’s running for reelection taxing the rich, increasing spending, more stimulus, telling the new French president, “Don’t do it. It will destroy the world economy.” Well, if the French president doing it will destroy the world economy, why will us doing it not destroy the world economy? If raising taxes and increasing spending is a cause for alarm in the Obama regime, then why is it their agenda? Why? After the election the French president is free to do all the economic destruction he wants. But not before the election. The New York Times has come out and actually admitted that Hollande’s socialist policies are closely aligned with Obama’s. We all know it, but then the House organ of the regime says the same thing.

I’ve got a sound bite. I don’t have it in front of me, but John Podesta, former chief of staff for Clinton and now runs the Center for American Progress, he’s the chairman, said, “Yeah, Obama’s a socialist.” They’re admitting it now. Obama’s a socialist. I find this fascinating. Literal panic. Don’t do it, Monsieur Hollande. Raising taxes, increasing spending will harm the world economy. Yet that’s what his agenda is.

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