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RUSH: I’m sorry. It just doesn’t arouse any interest. I don’t know what to tell you, but I just don’t care about it. There’s only one thing that interests me, and that’s not even a big deal. Obama’s girlfriend. Folks, I don’t care. You know, this is an example of how the media sets the narrative every day, and everybody follows suit.

Okay, so this Clinton biographer, David Maraniss, has this Vanity Fair story (I guess he’s got a book) about Obama’s girlfriend, this “composite” girlfriend “Genevieve” whatever. I’m sorry, the only thing that interests me about this is: Why are we just learning about it now? Why are we just learning about the fact that he “composited” a bunch of girlfriends into one? I mean, he’s been president for almost four years, 3-1/2 years, and we’re just now hearing about this?


See, Dawn’s even yawning. I gotta get off of this subject quick.


RUSH: No, I wasn’t making it up. I don’t care about the Obama “composite” girlfriend. I’m sorry, I just don’t care. I tell you what, I’m reading a fascinating book. I’ve got two books going. Well, actually I’ve got three books going. I’ve got a novel going and I’m dabbling in this Robert Caro book on LBJ. And today we have some sound bites from LBJ back in the day. If you’ve never heard him speak, if LBJ predates you, we’ll have LBJ talking about his War on Poverty and Great Society.

And we have Ronaldus Magnus reacting to it. That’s coming up on the program. It’s just fascinating. So I’m dabbling in that, and Jay Nordlinger of National Review (he also writes at The New Criterion) has a book out on the Nobel Peace Prize called “Peace, They Say.” It’s a history of the Nobel Peace Prize and why it turned so anti-American. When it did, you can basically trace back to Reagan. They hated Reagan. They despised Reagan. And there are stories about all the people who won the Prize, why they won it, and what the reaction was.

For example, Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize I think it was ’73 or whatever the year was. But he had to share it with a North Vietnamese commandant by the name of Le Duc Tho, who was a mass murderer. He’s in the Pol Pot Club. Kissinger tried to give his Peace Prize back, and they wouldn’t take it! They said it’s nonreturnable. (laughing) It’s sort of like you go to the 7-Eleven and you buy something that’s nonrefundable, nonreturnable. It’s the same thing with the Nobel Peace Prize. Kissinger didn’t want to share it.

There are fascinating stories. And, of course, who can forget Obama got his Peace Prize within the first months. Well, his first year, but it was announced in like three or four months, and his Peace Prize was offered and awarded on the come. He hadn’t done anything yet, other than be who he was and get elected. So it’s fascinating. It doesn’t just list the Peace Prize winners. It’s not just a hit piece on the whole concept of the Peace Prize. It’s a look at what went wrong with it, and when, and why. It’s really good.

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