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RUSH: By the way, Osama Bin Laden is still dead, and the victory lap is still going. There was an NBC infomercial last night with Brian Williams. Obama was walking everybody through the minefield that was the decision to order the strike to send a SEAL team into “Pok-ee-stahn” and to go in there and get Osama Bin Laden. I guess you do have to give Obama credit: He had no choice — and he made it. What would you do if you’re president and the guy is a sitting duck? He’s right there! All he’s got in his hand is a remote control clicker.

Obama says (paraphrased), “Well, it was a tough decision because you remember what happened to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter decided to go in there and rescue some people in Iran and had a dust storm screw up the helicopters! I mean, it coulda turned out disastrously for me politically.” And I told you, I had a source. I had a source and couldn’t tell you who the source was. The source told me they had to drag him off the golf course! He admits that in the little infomercial with Brian Williams.

Obama made such a sacrifice that he only played nine holes. He admitted he played golf that day. He came off the course after nine holes to be hustled into the “Sit’chi’ation Room” to sit there and watch this politically risky attack on Osama. Yeah, he admitted it. I told Mike to forget it, but now we may as well hear it. Grab sound bites one and two. This is what I said. This is Monday. Wait a minute. Yeah, I guess it was this Monday. Anyway, I said this recently…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wish I could cite my source for you. I can’t. I’m sworn to secrecy. But I’m just gonna tell you: They had to go call the president off the golf course and get him into that Situation Room an hour and a half before the attack so he was there for the photo-op. And if you’ll notice, if you’ve seen the picture of Obama looking with the deer-in-the-headlight eyes at the monitor supposedly of the op taking place, you see a golf shirt under that jacket …

RUSH: With the top button buttoned. It’s a white golf shirt, and he’s sitting lower in his chair than anybody else in that picture in that room. He’s kinda hunched down and looking at what everybody else is looking at. And the only person in that picture that looks like she has any emotion at all is Hillary. She’s got her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide open, big, like the way she looks when Bill walks in the door at 7 p.m. “What’s he doing here?” So last night on this hour-long NBC infomercial for Obama ’12, Brian Williams solemnly reports that Obama sacrificed for all of us that day.

Hit the sound bite!

WILLIAMS: The president played golf that morning, nine holes, on the grounds of nearby Andrews Air Force Base. Back at the White House at two p.m., he headed downstairs to join the others in the Situation Room.

RUSH: I told you. I told you he played golf that day. But the great sacrifice is he only played nine holes. And I’ll tell you why he only played nine holes: ’cause they sent somebody out there to get him, because Admiral McRaven called. We mentioned the guy’s name earlier this week. This is already Thursday. Do you believe that? On the Huckabee show it’s still Monday, but here it’s… (chuckling) Sorry, folks. Last night I got too much sleep. (laughing)

What do you…? You ought to see ’em on the other side of the glass. They can’t believe it. So, anyway, they dragged him off the golf course after nine holes. He gets in there at two o’clock in the afternoon. So I told you my source was irrefutable, and I still can’t tell you who the source was. But it’s nobody in the regime. It’s nobody in the regime whatsoever. There’s Brian Williams — and here, play sound bite three. You know, I just told Mike to forget this stuff, that I don’t care about it, and look at me. Here, play sound bite three.

WILLIAMS: (solemnly whispering) If this had (dramatic pause) failed in spectacular fashion —

RUSH: Oh save it.

WILLIAMS: — it would have blown up your presidency. I think, by all estimates, it would have been your Waterloo, and perhaps your Watergate — eh, consumed with hearings and inquiries. How thick did the specter of Jimmy Carter, Desert One, hang in the air here?

RUSH: Oh, come on! Does anybody think there would have been hearings? Okay, so you order the mission and if the mission fails there are hearings? My gosh! We haven’t had hearings on Fast and Furious. We haven’t had hearings on Solyndra. Well, we have, but they’ve largely just been ceremonial. Here’s how, by the way, The One answered the question of how risky and how potentially politically fatal this order could have been.

OBAMA: (haltingly) Certainly we thought about the fact that if there was a failure here, it would have disastrous consequences, uhh, for me politically. We knew the examples of the, uh, Carter presidency and we understood what happened there. But I tell you, the only thing that I was thinkin’ about throughout this entire enterprise was, “I really want to get those guys back home safe.”

RUSH: Yeah.

I’ll tell you what this is, folks. This is what I talked about last week. This is the power of the presidency in an election year. This is the stuff that Obama can do as president that no candidate can do: Get on an airplane, hop over to Afghanistan, and have a week-long celebration of something that happened a year ago: the death of Osama Bin Laden. Then get a network to give you a full hour campaign appearance, essentially, rehashing what you did, making you brave and courageous and all these other things. This is just the power of the incumbency.

There’s so much that Obama can do, such as forgiving student loans the night before the election, or forgiving underwater mortgages two days before the election.

He can do that (or he can say he wants to do it) and all Romney can do is suck his thumb. Any challenger, that’s all he could do. It’s one of the things that you should be prepared for. And don’t think Obama doesn’t want a second term. He does, and he’s gonna use every bit of this power at his disposal. Now, the show that all this happened on was Rock Center. And last night, after the news came, Brian Williams was interviewing The One. No! He’s interviewing Hillary. I take it back. Now it’s Hillary’s turn to cash in here. And Williams says, “After the news came that Bin Laden was killed and you’re all there in the Situation Room…”

Brian Williams and Secretary Clinton had this exchange…

WILLIAMS: You have to start calling presidents — Domestic! Foreign! Committee chairs! Cabinet members! — all the people you wouldn’t want to read about it in the paper —


WILLIAMS: — the next day.

HILLARY: The president called former presidents, uh, [he] asked me where to find my husband. (cackle)


HILLARY: Bill didn’t know anything. I hadn’t talked to anybody about it, so the first he heard was when President Obama called him.

RUSH: Did she know where he was? I mean, that’s all I care about in that sound bite: “The president called to ask me where my husband was.” Williams says, “Really?” “Yeah, yeah. Bill didn’t know anything.” Ha! Well, given where he probably was, how could he? But she didn’t know where… (laughing) That’s why I say: He walks in at seven o’clock at night in their home in Chappaqua or wherever they live now, and that’s the look on her face: Hand over the mouth, eyes wide open. “My gosh, I’ve not seen this before!”

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