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RUSH: I’m told that Ronaldus Magnus in 1984 did not do a single fundraiser. Sounds hard to believe. But that’s what I’m told. And we can probably confirm that, but he won in an historic landslide in 1984, didn’t do one fundraiser. Well, unless you count the Republican convention, gotta go to that.

But anyway, I just got an e-mail. How many times have we talked on this program about the Fox show, The Five? Quite a bit. I just got an e-mail from somebody in the subscriber inbox, Rush 24/7: “Rush, have you ever watched The Five? What do you think of that show?” (laughing) We love The Five here on the EIB Network. It’s a fascinating concept. There’s not a single host, although I’ll tell you this. I think, the way it works out, Dana Perino is essentially… the way I watch that show, Dana Perino, look at her eyes when they show her on camera when any of the others are speaking. She’s got this piano teacher look in her eyes, waiting for a mistake, and she’s gonna pull out that ruler and rap their knuckles if they get it wrong.

She’s looking around. She’s almost like the… not the controlling, but the dominant entity there that’s there to keep order and make sure the kids behave, and, you know, Gutfeld is her biggest challenge, keep him in line. And then Beckel. And then Andrea “Tarantula.” But it’s a fascinating show the way they put it together. I’m fascinated by it. So, yes, we watch.

Okay. Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser, was on Fox last night. Hannity said, “They’re taking all this out of context, Dick, Obama is. The president, with a smirk on his face, is taking Romney out of context.”

MORRIS: Obama is digging himself into a gigantic hole here. For the last four or five or six weeks, maybe the last two or three months, this class warfare, such an obvious distortion of the negative as this, his trying to divide the country along ethnic lines as well. I know that he’s paying a price for it. In the polling that I’ve seen, Obama’s personal positives were always about 20 points higher than his job approval. In the polling I’ve seen lately, they’re even. In other words, his approval has always been in the mid- or low forties. Now his personal favorability has dropped to that. I think that the hope and change in the public’s mind has been replaced with a nasty surly visceral figure.

RUSH: Whoa! Dick Morris: Class warfare, not working. But he wasn’t finished. Hannity then said, “When you look at Karl Rove’s electoral map, it becomes more difficult for Romney. That has some people I know concerned,” ’cause Karl Rove’s electoral map right now has Obama almost insurmountably ahead in the Electoral College. So Hannity’s asking Morris about that. “Does that concern you, Dick? The electoral map? Or is this the type of thing that it’s way too early to tell?”

MORRIS: I went back to 1964, and I tested how every incumbent president polls on Election Day as opposed to the final Gallup poll. I found that six of the eight not only didn’t get a single undecided vote, they lost some of the support that the last poll gave them. So when I see a poll that shows Romney ahead of Obama by 47-46, which I think is the last Rasmussen poll, as far as I’m concerned, that is a 54-46 defeat for Obama, and more likely, a 55-45 defeat.

RUSH: Ooh, Dick Morris predicting a landslide right there last night on Hannity on Fox. Romney, 55-45 victory, according to polling data analysis.


RUSH: Here’s the quote from the book, The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign, by Brendan J. Doherty. “Carter held four re-election fundraisers in the 1980 campaign, Reagan zero in 1984.” People wanted to know. “That doesn’t sound right, Rush.” That’s from a book by Brendan J. Doherty, The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign. Don’t doubt me.

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