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RUSH: This is Walter in Modesto, California. Hey, Walter, I’m glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, I want to say I agree with the Democrats that not everyone would have pulled the trigger on Bin Laden. How many chances did Bill Clinton have to do it?

RUSH: That’s true. That’s true. Clinton was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter two or three times and rejected it.

CALLER: We still have him.

RUSH: That’s right. See, what Walter’s point here is while Obama is out there trying to say Romney wouldn’t have pulled the trigger (laughing), it’s Bill Clinton that didn’t… twice. And he wouldn’t have even had to twice. Well, one time could have pulled the trigger, one time. We saw the movie, remember, that ABC edited a couple minutes out of. But I, of course, have the full version. Sandy Berger. I don’t know why Clinton was, maybe on the golf course. I don’t remember, coulda well been. Sandy “Burglar” was doing it. Richard Clarke, too, don’t forget. Clarke was running that show. But they had everybody set up, they were ready for the kill, and then the movie had that Clinton wouldn’t pull the trigger ’cause there were citizens near the mosque or near wherever Bin Laden was, women and children. He pulled back. There were another times, what was it, Sudan? Not Sudan. Darfur? No.

One of those countries in Africa offered Bin Laden to us, and Clinton said (paraphrased) “I don’t have the legal authority to accept it and hold him. I don’t have anything.” So while Romney is being accused by Obama (laughing) of not having the guts to pug the trigger, it’s Clinton that didn’t, when he had the chance. And Biden was out advising Obama not to do this. Thanks for the reminder there, Walter.

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