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RUSH: Is it any wonder government favorability is at a 15-year low? A decade ago Americans felt pretty much the same about their local, state and federal governments. But no longer.

Now, a decade ago, George W. Bush was president. There was not a TSA. There wasn’t Obamacare. Well, wait a minute. Yeah, there was a TSA. Bush did it. So there was a TSA, but there weren’t thousands of IRS agents being hired. States weren’t being sued. The deficit was $10 trillion less than it is now. First ladies were not taking lavish vacations. The president wasn’t “slow-jamming” the news. Look at all that’s happened the last ten years, and is it any wonder that government favorability is at a 15-year low? And, folks, I know what the media is gonna do, blame this on a Republican Congress. They’re gonna tell us that that’s what’s this means. Government now is Congress, yes, because the House is what the Republicans control, so that’s the government. But Barack Obama is the most hyped, the most visible, the most protected president in history, so who’s he gonna blame for this?

All you need to know is a decade ago, Americans felt the same about state, local and federal government. Now federal government favorability is at a 15-year low. And just to review again the last ten years. George Bush was president. We had no Obamacare. We didn’t have 4,000 new IRS agents being hired to make sure you buy your health insurance policy or pay a fine. The states were not being sued by the federal government. The deficit was $10 trillion. There’s no question, folks, it dovetails with what we were talking about yesterday, my vision of where this country is, or the people are, and what the November election could end up being, a landslide.

I don’t care where you look, you’ve got economic growth at 1.7%, basically, no jobs, five or six trillion dollars in new debt, all these new IRS agents, a health care bill that 70% of the people don’t want. The federal government is suing the state of Arizona. Michelle Obama, $500,000 vacation to Spain and all these others. I don’t care what they try to tell us, government favorability at a 15-year low is a direct correlation to Barack Obama’s presidency.

“Today, just one in three has a favorable view of the federal government — the lowest level in 15 years, according to a Pew survey. The majority of Americans remain satisfied with their local and state governments — 61% and 52%, respectively — but only 33 percent feel likewise about the federal government.” And that’s about the percentage of people who vote for Obama. The Democrats own the federal government. The only thing they don’t have is the House. They can try to blame this on Bush, but that’s not what’s happening. They can try to blame it on Boehner and the Republicans, but that’s not what’s happening.

As things stand, more than three years into the Obama disaster, Americans are fed up. They have had enough, and every poll that is a legitimate, honest poll about that, tells the truth. In 2002, 64% viewed the federal government favorably. Americans held their local and state governments in similar esteem, 67 and 62% respectively. Who was president in 2002? The supposedly reviled and the hated George W. Bush.

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